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follow our big meeting live
follow our big meeting live

We were wrong.

When we created Reporterre In 2013, we thought the ecological issue lacked media coverage.

We told ourselves that it would be enough for the population and political decision-makers to be informed, for newspapers and television to take up the subject, for things to move forward.

We know today that we were wrong.

In France and around the world, the overwhelming majority of media is now in the hands of the ultra-rich.

The reports of IPCC are commented on between two advertisements for SUV.

Climate skeptics are in power in many democracies.

We know today that the ecological emergency does not need press : it needs a press independent of any economic pressure.

At the house of Reporterrewe have been choosing free access and advertising-free journalism for 11 years.

Our non-profit structure, with no shareholders or billionaire owners, allows us to investigate freely. No one edits what we post.

But this work comes at a cost.

That of the salaries of our 26 journalists and employees.

That of reports carried out on the ground, as close as possible to the struggles.

That of the hundreds of thousands of newsletters sent every week to inform you.

In 2023, 39,257 donors supported Reporterre : these donations represent 98% of our income.

From the most modest to the most important, they are the guarantors of serious and independent journalistic work, capable of advancing the ecological cause.

Whatever your means, we work for you.

Together we can act.

If you can, choose monthly support, starting from just €1. It takes less than two minutes, and every month you will have a strong impact in favor of independent journalism dedicated to ecology. THANKS.

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