Struck by space debris, a family files a complaint against NASA

Struck by space debris, a family files a complaint against NASA
Struck by space debris, a family files a complaint against NASA

What to do when spaceship debris falls into your home? This American family, who saw their house crossed by a piece of spacecraft belonging to NASA, filed a complaint.

$80,000. This is the amount claimed by an American family from NASA after the fall of a small piece of space debris which passed through the roof of their house in Florida, on March 8, 2024, a law firm announced on Friday. lawyers to the press. The space junk, a piece of metal that came from the ISS, weighed around 700 grams. Fortunately, no one was injured.

The molten object passes through the house

Why did this debris fall on this house? In reality, there is a lot of debris circulating in space, orbiting the Earth. There are so many that this issue of space pollution has become a security problem. Many small objects, but also pieces of satellites, stall and end up on Earth. Most often, they end up in the sea, or in a desert area. If the larger pieces are monitored, the smaller debris falls unbeknownst to everyone. Indeed, they are supposed to largely disintegrate when they fall. But that day, it didn’t happen as NASA had planned, and the artificial meteorite fell on the Otero family home in Naples, Florida, without causing any casualties.

“There was an incredible soundreacted the head of the family, Alejandro Otero, to WINK News earlier in the year. Something went through the house and blew a big hole in the ceiling and floor. It almost hit my son. He was in the house and he heard everything.” NASA had publicly confirmed that it was a piece of pallet that was to carry used batteries discarded by the International Space Station as waste in 2021. The space agency said it would review its calculations. In the meantime, she had not given any news to the family, who were not insured against such an event.

“My clients ask for adequate compensation to take into account stress and consequences that this event had on their lives”, as well as enough to cover material damage suffered by the house, said the family’s lawyer, Mica Nguyen Worthy. “They are happy that no one was hurt, but […] “If the debris had fallen a few meters away, or in another direction, there could have been serious injury or death.” NASA has not yet responded. Space agencies could face new situations like this as space junk increases, and America’s response will set a precedent for such matters.

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