“I brought my studio back on stage and I create live in front of people”: DJ Mosimann expected in Garorock and Toulouse this summer

“I brought my studio back on stage and I create live in front of people”: DJ Mosimann expected in Garorock and Toulouse this summer
“I brought my studio back on stage and I create live in front of people”: DJ Mosimann expected in Garorock and Toulouse this summer

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Scheduled in Marmande this Thursday as part of the Garorock festival, DJ Mosimann will also be in Toulouse on August 23 at the Poney Club. Meeting before the madness of the scene…

La Dépêche du Midi: After Garorock this week, Toulouse will welcome you in August as part of the Pony Club…

Mosimann: There are regions of France where we are happier to go because we feel the excitement of the public. I have been coming to the Toulouse region for around fifteen years and each time I have had good feedback. And then it’s always the opportunity to go and bother the little rapper brothers, with whom I participated in the “Star Academy” in Belgium, to give them a kiss and spend a few moments with them. When you arrive in the South-West, there really is something. And even though my career has moved a lot in Belgium, I always say that I am Franco-Swiss with a Belgian heart!

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You mention Bigflo & Oli, what relationship do you have with them?

I have limitless admiration, truly limitless. We met at the start of their success, they were promoting their first album on a show in Belgium. We immediately understood each other in the work, in this way of approaching things with this desire to want to eat the mountains! I’m a little older but I projected myself a little on Oli, I see myself at his age with the desire to succeed and to fight.

Your career is dotted with encounters, is that the secret to a career?

When I was younger, people advised me to surround myself well, and you may not do it the first time. I am very well surrounded today but I would say that you have to make mistakes, see what you want and what you don’t want. The key meetings were those with my manager and, among the artists, that of Grand Corps Malade who, immediately, made me work under my real name and not a pseudonym, unlike other artists.

And Patrick Bruel?

What really makes me laugh is that Patrick is my friend today but it’s weird because I grew up with Patrick’s songs, my sister wrote in black marker on the walls “Patrick I love you.” ‘love !” And today I know that if I need advice in anything, I can call him. He never sleeps!

What are these artists looking for from you?

Hard to say, but maybe a little different approach. I start by making melodies, recording ideas on my dictaphone, preproducing certain things, taking a color and I proceeded in this way with Grand Corps Malade and also with Barbara Pravi recently. I believe that musical modernity is inseparable from French variety today and it stimulates me to bring a little electronic music into this area which is dear to me. It took a little time to find this perfect alignment but I think I found it, I like producing and composing mainly in French for lots of artists.

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It all starts from the piano which I learned to play like the drums when I was younger. I need a melody to exist before being arranged, orchestrated, and that’s exactly what I do on stage like Thursday in Marmande and in Toulouse in August. I have three workstations, three large cubes in which I have positioned a drum kit, synthesizers, players. I actually brought my studio back on stage and am creating live in front of people!

And this electronic music allows us to transcend borders…

Ah, it’s magic! That’s really what I do this job for. The magic of meeting different people, of traveling, of being around different cultures, of seeing how we can flourish through others. The fact of traveling, of meeting other cultures encourages me to go completely elsewhere in the artistic field. The main thing is to leave a mark in hearts. I believe in the power of melody, of emotion.

Thursday June 27 at the Garorock festival in Marmande (same evening as Calvin Harris, Shaka Ponk, Doria, Luidji…) Prices: €75 (with camping) or multi-day pass. Friday August 23 at 6 p.m. at the Poney Club (Toulouse-Blagnac Airport). Prices: €20 and €45.


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