the Hungarians crucify Scotland and maintain the hope of qualification, Varga urgently evacuated

Facial fracture and operation for Varga, victim of violent shock

Emergency evacuated to Stuttgart hospital during the match won by Hungary against Scotland on Sunday at Euro 2024 (1-0), Barnabas Varga suffers from a facial fracture. The striker suffered a violent impact on contact with the Scottish goalkeeper.

>>> the latest news about Varga

The Hungarian Federation gives news of Varga

Varga was urgently evacuated after a violent collision with the goalkeeper. The Hungarian Federation gave its news, specifying that the player is in a stable condition. He is currently undergoing examinations at the Stuttgart hospital.

Hungary crucifies Scotland!

This is the end of this meeting! Hungary beats Scotland (0-1), as part of the third and final day of the group stage of Euro 2024, thanks to a goal from Ujpest striker Kevin Csoboth (90th + 11) .

In the Group A standings, Hungary finished third and remains in the race for qualification in the round of 16. For its part, Scotland is eliminated.

Csoboth took off his jersey

He is logically warned.

Hungary crucifies Scotland!!! (0-1)

On the corner, McGregor, in the area, hits from the right, but it is blocked by Adam. In the process, Hungary goes on the counterattack. On the right, Sallai sends a cross back, into the area, for Csoboth, who concludes from the right!

Unlucky Hanley

At point blank range, Hanley attempts a header, but it is blocked by Botka. Corner for Scotland.

It goes from one goal to another!

Morgan, in the area, triggers an attempt from the left. This is countered by Schäfer.

Nagy does not fit

From a distance, Nagy takes his chance from the left, but it doesn’t fit.

Another offside

He is whistled against Morgan.

Scotland reacts

After a free kick, McGregor, from afar, strikes with a left. This is countered by Adam.

Csoboth finds the post!

In the area, on the right, Csoboth strikes from the right, but his ball hits the opposite post!

Szoboszlai sounds revolt

In the area, on the right side, Szoboszlai strikes hard from the right, but Gunn intervenes! Nagy is then flagged for offside.

Schäfer, him again

Behind, on the corner, Schäfer, from afar, strikes from the left, but it doesn’t hit the target.

Schäfer frame

Schäfer takes his chance, but he clashes with Gunn. Corner for Hungary.

Last Scottish change

Morgan replaces Robertson.

Scotland didn’t get on target

Only Hungary put it on target, twice.

Two final changes for Hungary

Bolla and Kerkez give up their place. It is Csoboth and Nagy who come into play.

Varga evacuated by ambulance

According to a Cadena COPE journalist present on site, Varga was evacuated by ambulance, on a stretcher, with a neck brace.

>>> the violent shock and the very worrying scenes of Varga being evacuated on a stretcher

Scotland 1-8 Hungary

Here is the shooting report, for the moment.

Two new changes for Scotland

Christie and McLean enter. Gilmour and Ralston exit.

Shankland is surprised

The top scorer of the last Scottish championship was offside.

Possession of the ball remains in favor of…

Scotland (60% against 40% for Hungary).

A yellow card released on the bench

It was Kleinheisler who was warned, on the Hungarian side.

No penalty for Scotland!

However, Armstrong collapsed in the area, in contact with Orban.

First corner of the match for Scotland

The Scots will try to bring danger again, with this first corner obtained by McTominay.

First two changes for Scotland

Armstrong and Shankland enter. McGinn and Adams come out.

Double change for Hungary

Dardai and Varga come out. Szalai and Adam enter.

The game resumes!

The fans applaud

Varga is evacuated on the stretcher. A sheet was placed in front of the Hungarian.

We take time to heal the player

The minutes tick by and the injured Hungarian continues to be treated. The images obviously do not focus on the injured…

Barnabas Varga evacuated on a stretcher during Scotland-Hungary, June 23, 2024. © AFP

We ask the stretcher to hurry…

It’s even the Hungarians who will look for it themselves… There is great concern, the stadium is frozen. Especially since the images are reminiscent of those of Christian Eriksen at Euro 2021…

At the same time, the VAR checks a possible penalty…

Several players are on the ground…

On the Scottish side, there is Ralston and Gunn. For Hungary, Varga is placed in a safety position… There was a big contact with the goalkeeper and the Hungarian, behind, fell with his body stiff.

Varga placed in a safety position after a violent collision during Scotland-Hungary at the Euro, June 23, 2024

Varga placed in a safety position after a violent collision during Scotland-Hungary at the Euro, June 23, 2024
Varga placed in a lateral safety position after a violent collision during Scotland-Hungary at the Euro, June 23, 2024 © BeIN Sport screen capture

The tension remains palpable

This meeting does not seem to want to settle down, on either side. But it is Hungary which provides the best opportunities.

Dardai cannot find the target

This corner is taken from left to right. Served on the opposite side, Bolla sends a cross into the area. Dardai’s header doesn’t fit.

Hungary on the attack again

The Hungarians get a new corner, thanks to Kerkez.

The Hungarian defense plays well

Adams is even flagged in an offside position.

First change of the match

For Hungary, Styles is replaced by Nagy.

Another offside whistle

This time, it is Varga who is punished.

McGinn ignites

McGinn passes to the right, into the area. His retreating center finds no one, because no one had followed.

Sallai takes his chance again

At the entrance to the area, Sallai strikes hard from the right. This is countered by Hendry. Corner for Hungary.

Another Hungarian offside

It is Sallai who is surprised.

Scotland’s first strike

After a counter, from afar, Adams unleashes a right strike. His balloon flies away.

Scotland is struggling

There have only been two instances at EURO 2024 where a team failed to take a shot in the first half of a match and both were Scotland, against Germany and tonight against Hungary.

The Hungarian attack is stopped

Bolla is flagged in an offside position.

Hard blow for Scotland!

McTominay is booked for a foul on Dardai. He will be suspended from the next match!

Sallai finds the frame

In the area, Sallai strikes from the left in a pivot. His ball is slowed before being caught by Gunn.

Hungarians come back well

The Hungarians obtain a first corner in this second act, thanks to Botka.

No change at break

We left with the same 22 actors.

Here we go for the second half!

The kick-off was given and Scotland started.

It’s halftime!

At the end of the first 45 minutes of play, Scotland and Hungary are tied (0-0).

Szoboszlai can’t do it

Szoboszlai, at the edge of the area, strikes from the left. It’s above.

There will be additional time…

…and even a minute minimum.

Third yellow against Hungary

In the central circle, Schäfer commits a big foul on Hendry. Yellow card against the Hungarian.

The Scots keep the ball

The Scots still have no solution, a few minutes before the break.

Orban finds the bar!

Szoboszlai takes a free kick. His ball arrives on the left side, for Orban, who sees his header at point blank range hit the top of the bar!

We’re getting closer to the break

The Scots still haven’t fired.

Scotland can revive

The Hungarian attack was stopped for an offside position by Varga.

Sallai shows up

From a distance, Sallai attempts a half-volley from the right. It’s out of the box.

Only one shot on target in this meeting

For the moment, only Hungary has scored on target, only once.

Hungary insists on

Szoboszlai takes a free kick. His right shot is blocked by McKenna, present in the wall. Corner for Hungary.

Scotland-Hungary: 0-1

It’s not the score, but the shooting record, for the moment.

Switzerland leads against Germany (1-0)

This means that, if the score remains there, Scotland can only qualify in the position of best third. This is the case of Hungary, which could no longer aim for second place.

Hungary on the attack

The Hungarians even obtain the first corner of this meeting, thanks to Kerkez.

Second yellow out

Orban receives a yellow, in turn, for a stamp on McGinn.

Possession of the ball is for…

Scotland (74% against 26% for Hungary).

Scotland rushes

On the right, Robertson takes an eccentric free kick. His ball is too short and Hungary clears immediately.

The danger draws near

On the right, McGinn attempts a cross at the far post. This ball is too long.

First yellow card issued

After a big foul on McGinn, Styles received the first yellow of this meeting.

This free kick does nothing…

Szoboszlai sees his ball caught by Gunn in the area.

Hungary will try to react

Szoboszlai will take an eccentric free kick on the right side.

The referee of the match is Argentinian

Facundo Tello is on the whistle, on the Stuttgart side.

Alert on the Scottish goal!

From far away, on the right, Bolla unleashes a right strike. Gunn takes no risks, with the rebound, and puts his hands in opposition to move this ball away!

The Scots on their way

The Scots have entered this part well and are showing more mastery.

The Hungarian bloc is low

Scotland have the ball and are trying to take advantage of it. Hungary has a well grouped low block.

The game is broken

We’ve been playing for three minutes and three fouls have already been called.

Here we go for the first period!

The kick-off was given and Hungary started.

Scotland-Hungary, attacks at half mast

Since the start of this Euro, Scotland has scored two goals including a csc. The only Scottish scorer was Manchester United midfielder Scott McTominay (27 years old). For their part, Hungary also scored once, thanks to Ferencvaros striker Barnabas Varga (29 years old).

Scotland-Hungary, fighting for third place

A victory is imperative for both teams.

The composition of Hungary

Gulacsi – Botka, Orban, Dardaï – Bolla, Styles, Schafer, Kerkez – Sallai, Szoboszlai – Varga

Scotland’s eleven

Gunn – Hendry, Hanley, McKenna – Ralston, Gilmour, McGregor, Robertson – McTominay, Adams, McGinn

Scots and Hungarians in bad shape before the last day

Group A standings:

  • 1. Germany, 6 pts (+6)
  • 2. Switzerland, 4 pts (+2)
  • 3. Scotland, 1 pt (-4)
  • 4. Hungary, 0 pt (-4)

Victory and/or the door

Hello everyone ! Badly off to a qualifying start in a group A dominated by Germany and Switzerland, before this last day of the Euro 2024 groups, Scotland, without Kieran Tierney (1 pt) and Hungary (0 pt) face this Sunday evening in Stuttgart. VS

Kick-off at 9 p.m. in the live commentary of RMC Sport and on beIN Sports 2.

>>> The other match in the group, Switzerland-Germany, can be followed live here



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