How can you keep your cat from straying too far from the house?

How can you keep your cat from straying too far from the house?
How can you keep your cat from straying too far from the house?

Cats are sometimes unbearable. They take advantage of the slightest opportunity to sneak through the door of the house. It might not be a big deal in the countryside. But in the city it can be risky. If you’re worried about your feline’s safety, here’s what you need to know to prevent him from wandering away from home.

You have a cat or are considering adopting one. Certainly, they are social animals, with soft coats and undeniable nobility. But they are also predators. They have hunting in their blood. This is why they need to exercise and explore. Except that they sometimes go far. Sometimes they can even spend several days outside, without coming home. Now, while they are away, you worry. What are the solutions to prevent your little companion from wandering away from the house?

Why does my cat wander away from the house?

When your cat leaves the house, it remains on “its territory”, but this can extend well beyond your garden. It depends how far your furball dares to roam. While he’s out there, anything can happen. It’s not that he risks getting lost, because he knows how to mark his path and return home with his eyes closed. And if you’re careful, his vaccinations are up to date. The danger is that he could be injured by fighting with other felines or by being the victim of a road accident, for example. This may have already happened to you. There is no question of reliving this with your little companion.

Cat outside: calm the ardor of a cat who wants to go out?

Cats’ escapades are caused by their hormones. Their reproductive instinct drives them to look for a partner. The best way to calm this down is to sterilize the cat. Your cat will have much less desire to do crazy things. To strengthen a cat’s attachment to its home, you can also use pheromones. When a cat rubs its head against something, it is to soak it in its scent. He marks the territory in which he feels safe. You can reinforce this feeling with synthetic pheromones, sold in spray. Spray them on your furniture, a few cm from the floor, at the height of the cat’s head. You can also get him used to staying at home. It works even better from a young age, when he is still a kitten.

Letting your cat out: how can I get my cat used to going out and staying in the garden and then coming back?

You can :

  • Apply a cotton ball to its lips to soak it with pheromones. Then rub it against your furniture and wall corners, so that the little cat recognizes its smell and is reassured.
  • Create a cozy corner inside for him to rest, and a play area with a cat tree and toys for him. don’t let him get bored.
  • Let your cat out after sterilization. From the first outings, accompany him. When he starts to move away, call your cat every 10 or 15 minutes. Reward him with treats every time he returns.

If you have just moved with your cat, it will take time for him to adapt to his new home. Wait two weeks before letting him out. In the event of a runaway, it is recommended to tattoo your kitty, equip it with a GPS collar, or implant a subcutaneous chip at the veterinarian to facilitate its identification.

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