“I heard that you want this to change,” assures Emmanuel Macron in a letter to the French

“I heard that you want this to change,” assures Emmanuel Macron in a letter to the French
“I heard that you want this to change,” assures Emmanuel Macron in a letter to the French

EEmmanuel Macron decided, Sunday June 23, to address the French via a letter, sent to the regional daily press. The head of state confirms in particular the fact that he will not leave office before the end of his mandate. However, it indicates “measure the current democratic malaise” and specifies that “the objective cannot be only to continue what has been done”.

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“I heard you want that to change,” he insists. Among the themes raised, he cites in particular the fight against insecurity and the impunity of delinquents, but also an overhaul of childhood policy to fight against social injustices.

Dissolution, “the only possible choice”

In his letter, he also returns to his choice to dissolve the National Assembly. “The disorder of the last few months could not continue any longer. The oppositions were preparing to overthrow the government in the fall, which would have plunged our country into a crisis at the very moment of the budget. », Explains the president in the preamble.READ ALSO Dissolution: Bruno Le Maire attacks Emmanuel Macron’s “woodlice” advisors

He continues: “I could have ignored [du résultat des élections européennes]. It was, believe me, the comfort solution to which I did not give in. I could have changed Prime Minister and government. It would have been easy for me. But that didn’t solve any problem.” Dissolution was thus “the only possible choice”, according to the Head of State to “take note of your vote in the European elections, to respond to the disorder in place and the greater disorder to come”.

“Don’t give up. Vote »

Finally, in his letter, Emmanuel Macron defends the vote for the candidates of the presidential majority: “This third way is the best for our country. Not only because it protects the French and prepares for the future. But because she is the only one who can certainly block the extreme right as well as the extreme left in the second round. »READ ALSO Legislative: Hollande buries macronism and assures that he is not aiming for a return to the Élysée

Scathing, he believes that the National Rally “claims to better respond to illegal immigration and insecurity without proposing anything concrete” and “ignores climate change”. He also castigates “Insoumise France and its allies” who “refuse clarity on secularism and anti-Semitism” and who “claims to respond to the injustices of our society with a massive increase in taxes for all”. “Don’t give up. Vote. », concludes the Head of State, recalling his confidence in the vote of the French.



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