Israeli soldiers tie injured Palestinian to vehicle

Israeli soldiers tie injured Palestinian to vehicle
Israeli soldiers tie injured Palestinian to vehicle

Injured Palestinian tied to hood of military vehicle during an Israeli army operation in Jenin, in the West Bank, according to statements from the army this Sunday, June 23, which admitted that these soldiers had broken its rules. Images of this scenewhich we have chosen not to relay, date from Saturday. Go viralthey show a man, visibly injured, tied across the hood of a jeep passing on a relatively narrow street.

According to medical sources, it is Moujahid Raed Abbadi, 24 years old, a young man from the Jenin refugee camp but who was with relatives in Jabriyat, between Burqin and Jenin, in the north of the occupied West Bank. “During anti-terrorism operations to apprehend wanted suspects in the Wadi Burqin area, terrorists opened fire on the troops,” the army said.

“They were laughing”

During this exchange of fire between soldiers and armed people, the Israeli army explains that “one of the suspects was injured and apprehended.” He was “tied” to the vehicle as part of his arrest, the army says, specifying that this arrest was made “in violation of orders and standard operating procedures”.

“The behavior of the troops in the video (…) is not consistent with the values” of the Israeli army, she adds in the same press release, specifying that an investigation will be carried out. According to the army, the man strapped to the vehicle was later transferred to the Palestinian Red Crescent to receive necessary medical treatment.

Moujahid Raed Abbadi explained to AFP that he had been injured by gunfire and remained unable to move for more than two hours behind an Israeli military vehicle. “When they (soldiers, editor’s note) came up to me, they stepped on my head, hit me in the face, in the legs or on my hands, which had been injured, they laughed”, he says. He said that these soldiers “lifted him up”, “threw him to the ground”, then “threw him on the hood of a jeep” which he said was then burning.

A burn “from the neck to the lower back”

Doctors at Ibn Sina Hospital in Jenin confirmed to AFP that Moujahid Raed Abbadi was being treated at the establishment. He “has a fracture” and “injuries” and was “operated urgently” and will have to be again, according to Bahaa Abou Hammad, a surgeon at the hospital. “He has a burn on his back, from the neck to the lower back,” he added.

The city of Jenin and the surrounding refugee camps have for years been the scene of confrontations between the Israeli army and Palestinian armed groups. The level of violence in the West Bank, which was already high before the war in the Gaza Strip between Israel and Hamas erupted on October 7 after an unprecedented attack by the Palestinian Islamist movement on Israeli soil, has only intensified since then.

According to the Palestinian authorities, in this territory under occupation for nearly 60 years, at least 553 Palestinians were killed by Israeli soldiers or settlers since the war in Gaza broke out. Palestinian attacks have killed at least 14 Israelis in the West Bank during the same period, according to an AFP count based on official Israeli figures.

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