Who are the oldest actors in Hollywood since the death of Donald Sutherland?

Who are the oldest actors in Hollywood since the death of Donald Sutherland?
Who are the oldest actors in Hollywood since the death of Donald Sutherland?

The death of Donald Sutherland leaves a huge void in Hollywood. At 88 years old, the star of MASH, Klute, Hunger Games and Space Cowboys remained very active and was still scheduled to film Heart Land soon. With him disappears a veteran of the golden age of Hollywood. But certainly not, and even very far from it, the dean of comedians. A quick overview of these stars who defy time.

Eva Marie Saint: 99 years old (4/7/1924)

Eva Marie Saint opposite Cary Grant in Death on the Trail. ©DR

She took her first steps in the cinema in 1954 opposite Marlon Brando in On the docks, by Elia Kazan. Five years later, she starred opposite Cary Grant and James Mason in another classic of the 7th art, Death in pursuit by Alfred Hitchcock. She then played with Paul Newman in Exodus (1960), Warren Beatty in The angel of violence (1962), Yves Montand in Grand Prix (1966), Gregory Peck in The wild man (1969) or Tom Hanks in Nothing in common (1986), before closing his filmography with Superman Returns (2006) and A Winter’s Love (2014).

She received the Oscar for best supporting role for On the Quays and has the distinction of having two stars on Hollywood Boulevard: one for cinema and one for television.

Dick Van Dyke: 98 years old (12/13/1925)

Dick Van Dyke June 20, 2024, always good foot good eye.

Although he appeared in 80 films, Dick Van Dyke remained above all, throughout his career, the kind Bert of Mary Poppins (1964). A nanny he found in 2018, playing Mr. Dawes Jr. in Mary Poppins Returns.

A week ago, after winning a Primetime Emmy, a Grammy Award and a Tony Award, he received his second Daytime Emmy for his role as an amnesiac in four episodes of In Days and lives. He thus became the oldest winner. “I’m 98 years old, can you believe it?, he declared while receiving his award. I can not believe it. This crowns a life of 80 years in the profession. I’m the oldest winner in history. I’ve played old men all my life. If I had known I would live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.”

Mel Brooks: 97 years old (8/26/1926)

Mel Brooks received an honorary Oscar in 2024. ©AFP or licensors

At 97, the mischievous director of Frankenstein Junior (1974), The latest madness of Mel Brooks (1976), The crazy story of the world (nineteen eighty one), The crazy story of space (1987) or Dracula, dead and happy to be (1995) still feels good for the service. In 2023 he released The crazy history of the world 2 and he is currently working on a sequel to his parody of Star Wars, The crazy story of space 2. “I just handed in a movie script that might be the funniest thing I’ve ever worked on.”, Josh Gad just declared. The release date has not been specified.

Tippi Hedren: 94 years old (19/1/1930)

Tippi Hedren played the Hitchcockian blonde. ©AFP or licensors

Discovered by Alfred Hitchcock, who gave him the main roles in Birds (1963) and No spring for Marnie (1964), despite roles in The Countess of Hong Kong by Charlie Chaplin (1967) or in series like Super Jamie, For the Love of Risk, The Bold and the Beautiful or Perry Mason, Tippi Hedren has never managed to shake off her Hitchcockian blonde image. What she takes with humor: “I’m a much warmer person in real life than in my films, she declares in the DH in 2020. As for the image of the blonde, I have nothing to do with it since it is my natural color. I have always been. When I started in this profession, I was far from imagining that my hair color would have such an impact. That she was going to create some sort of myth. When I was young, you know, I didn’t want to become an actress. No, my dream was to be a professional ice skater. Hence my pseudo-coldness (laughs)!”

Gene Hackman: 94 years old (1/30/1930)

Gene Hackman in his most famous role, in French Connection. ©c.20thC.Fox/Everett / Rex Featur

Two Oscars (for the leading role in French Connection and for the secondary role in Ruthless) and three additional nominations (for Bonnie and Clyde, I never sang for my father And Mississippi Burning) crown the career of this exceptional actor. And yet, in his early days, John Wayne never missed an opportunity to take him down: “He’s the worst actor around, he’s rubbish”. For twenty years, and Welcome to Moosseport (2004), he no longer appeared on screen and is still very rare in public.

Robert Wagner: 94 years old (10/2/1930)

Robert Wagner has had an eventful career. ©Belga

Even if his filmography can make you green with envy (The Inferno Tower, For the Love of Risk, The Streets of San Francisco, Austin Powers, The Longest Day), Robert Wagner mainly made a name for himself in Hollywood through his romantic relationships with stars like Barbara Stanwyck, Joan Collins and Debbie Reynolds. But what we especially remember is the tragic end of his wife, Natalie Wood. Officially, the investigation concluded that it was an accident. But the victim’s family blames him for her death while he was on the boat with her and Christopher Walken.

Joanne Woodward: 94 years old (27/2/1930)

Here surrounded by Paul Newman and Robert Wagner for the film Virages, Joanne Woodward has had a successful Hollywood career. ©Elephant Films

Too often confined to the image of Paul Newman’s wife (they were married for 50 years), Joanne Woodward has had a very successful Hollywood career. As evidenced by her Oscar for best actress in 1958 for The three faces of Eveas well as his three nominations for Rachel, Rachel (1969), Summer desires, winter dreams (1974) and Mr. and Mrs. Bridge (1991). She was also one of the very first stars to receive her star on Hollywood Boulevard in 1960.

Since 2005 and Empire Falls by Fred Schepisi, she no longer appeared on the small screens. In the cinema, his last appearance was crowned with success: it was in 1993 in Philadelphiathe two-Oscar winning film by Jonathan Demme.

Clint Eastwood: 94 years old (5/31/1930)

Clint Eastwood never stopped questioning America’s values. ©WARNER

After playing the fastest poncho-wearing cowboy in the West, Clint Eastwood has established himself as the filmmaker who shoots faster than his shadow. Providing a bonus in his contracts if he finishes the film before the very short deadline, he would have this famous line every time an actor wants to redo a take: “Why do you want to make me lose money?” If he was long considered an actor who was too smooth in his beginnings and then too easy-going (at the time of spaghetti westerns then Inspector Harry), he revealed himself as one of the most important directors in Hollywood in questioning America, its deep values ​​and the humanity of each person through masterpieces like Merciless, Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby, Gran Torino Or On the road to Madison. He is currently working on his new production, Juror #2.

And more nonagenarians…

Among the glorious nonagenarians, let us also cite Robert Duvall (93 years old for the star of Godfather), James Earl Jones (93 years old for the voice of Darth Vader), Mamie Van Doren (93 years old for the Teacher’s favorite), William Shatner (93 years old for Captain Kirk of Star Trek), Leslie Caron (92 years old for the divine apparition of Gigi orAn American in Paris), Angie Dickinson (92 years old for the star of Rio Bravo) or Rita Moreno (92 years old for the actress of… both West Side Story).



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