Jordan Bardella believes that “macronie” was “probably a fashion phenomenon”

Jordan Bardella believes that “macronie” was “probably a fashion phenomenon”
Jordan Bardella believes that “macronie” was “probably a fashion phenomenon”

The president of the National Rally, designated by his camp to become Prime Minister in the event of victory in the legislative elections, believes that France is witnessing “the dislocation of the macronie” since the results of the European elections on June 9.

Jordan Bardella wants to mark the end of the political era opened in 2017 with the election of Emmanuel Macron. In an interview with the Journal du Dimanche published this Saturday, June 22, the president of the National Rally and aspiring to the post of Prime Minister explained that he saw an atmosphere of the end of the reign in the dissolution of the National Assembly and the recent critical declarations of tenors of the majority.

Since the publication of the results of the European elections, “we are witnessing the dislocation of the macronie, which was probably a fashion phenomenon”, he criticized.

Macron “not capable of uniting his own camp”

“Edouard Philippe accuses him of having ‘killed’ the presidential majority and Bruno Le Maire described the president’s advisors as ‘woodlice'”, he recalls, believing that “we cannot unite the French when we is not capable of uniting his own side.”

The former Prime Minister and the Minister of the Economy have, like other executives of the majority, in fact had harsh words against Emmanuel Macron and his close circle, within a presidential camp weakened and struggling in the polls, largely behind the RN and the New Popular Front.

By noting the premature end of the President of the Republic’s control over his mandate, Jordan Bardella joins statements made earlier this Saturday by François Hollande, who affirmed “without hostility” that “macronism is over” , “if it ever existed”. “The time has come for recomposition,” said the man who is now a PS candidate for the legislative elections invested in Corrèze as part of the left-wing alliance.

“I already have my government in mind”

For the president of the RN, this recomposition will result in voters giving a majority of far-right deputies to the National Assembly. However, he renewed his warning: he would only accept a nomination to Matignon in the event of an absolute majority (at least 289 deputies), considering himself uncertain of being able to “change the situation in a lasting manner” if this majority is only relative.

However, he affirms that he is “preparing” for coming to power. “I already have my government in mind and some of the personalities concerned have been notified,” he says, explaining that he wants a team made up of “a few important ministers, supported by secretaries of state and ministers delegated by mission.” .

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