Serious accident in Villiers-en-Lieu

MISCELLANEOUS FACTS. A traffic accident involving two vehicles left four people injured, including one seriously, on Saturday June 22, late in the afternoon in Villiers-en-Lieu.

The condition of the two vehicles suggests the violence of the impact. “In any case, things drive too fast here, all the time, like now,” witnesses or residents of the accident area agree. It’s almost 6 p.m., Saturday June 22, Grande rue in Villiers-en-Lieu. A Renault Mégane with a driver and two passengers on board arrives from the direction of Saint-Dizier, via the D 111. In the other direction of traffic, a Peugeot 306 arrives with its only driver. None live in Villiers-en-Lieu, the driver of the 306 lives in Saint-Dizier; the occupants of the Mégane live in the area but have relatives in Villiers.

One of the helicopter drivers

For reasons that the investigation by the Saint-Dizier National Police will have to define, the two vehicles collided head-on, at the intersection with rue du Bois (in the direction of the farm). Very quickly, the Saint-Dizier firefighters intervened under the leadership of Lieutenant Emmanuel Singer, commander of rescue operations, joined by the Smur. The two drivers, the 60-year-old driver of the Mégane and the 28-year-old driver of the 306, were treated by Smur doctors.

Suffering from his back, the sixty-year-old was taken to the Saint-Dizier hospital center in relative emergency. The driver of the 306, more seriously affected, was also directed by the Smur to be airlifted to the University Hospitals of Reims or Nancy. He suffered from back and neck pain and had already suffered cervical trauma following another accident a few weeks ago. As for the two passengers of the Mégane, aged 52 and 59, they were sent to the Saint-Dizier hospital center. One of them remained incarcerated longer, waiting for reinforcement from the Eclaron firefighters.

The Saint-Dizier police officers regulated traffic on either side of the accident during the intervention. If speed is blamed, toxicological analyzes will have to determine whether the drivers have consumed alcohol or drugs. Several elected officials from Villarreal, including Mayor Eric Bonnemains, were on site.

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  • The Eclaron firefighters came as reinforcements.


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