Legislative 2024: what are the different political camps proposing on the end of life?

Legislative 2024: what are the different political camps proposing on the end of life?
Legislative 2024: what are the different political camps proposing on the end of life?

The political parties are back on the campaign trail to early legislative elections of June 30 and July 7, decreed after the dissolution of the National Assembly by Emmanuel Macron. To see the programs more clearly, France Bleu invites you to take stock of the measures announced to date in the different camps. This article will be updated as the parties unveil their programs.

After the purchasing power, retirees, Security, the environment And Culture, focus with - on end of life and assisted dying. The announcement of the dissolution suddenly interrupted the debates on the end-of-life law which were underway in the National Assembly. If not all parties included the theme in their programs, most took a position during the debates in the Assembly.

The New Popular Front (union of the left)

The left alliance does not talk about the end of life in its program, but in the Assembly in recent weeks, many deputies have said they are in favor of assisted dying. Some even wanted to relax the conditions set by the government to access it. Today, at La France insoumise for example, outgoing MP Hadrien Clouet undertakes to resubmit the text to the Assembly if he is re-elected.

Together (presidential camp)

The presidential camp, which launched the End of Life law, has made it a priority if he obtains the majority again at the end of the legislative elections. As a reminder, the bill stipulated that a condemned patient, who is suffering and who is lucid, can be authorized to kill himself. If he is not physically capable, a third party, a doctor, nurse or even a relative, can administer the lethal product, under strict conditions.

The resumption of examination of the bill is therefore one of the priorities displayed by the outgoing Prime Minister if the majority is renewed. Gabriel Attal wishes put it on the agenda within the first 100 days, and even have it voted on, if possible, before the Olympic Games which begin on July 26.

At the time of the dissolution of the Assembly, the principle of assistance in dying, namely articles 5 and 6 of the text, had been voted on. For the presidential camp, the essentials were therefore validated, and there remained around ten articles to examine. But if the text comes back, it will be necessary to start the examination again from the beginning, and voting on it in less than a month seems difficult to maintain: until now, the legislative process in committee and in the hemicycle had taken place over almost two months of intense work.

The Republicans

The Republicans do not mention the end of life in their program. But during the debates initiated in the Assembly, the Party MPs were very strongly opposed to assisted dying.

The National Rally

The RN does not mention the end of life in its program. But during the debates started in the Assembly, party deputies were very strongly opposed to help in dying. We can logically conclude that in the event of victory, the project would be definitively abandoned.


For now, Reconquest! does not raise the issue in its program.

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