Denis Dragus, Romania’s new lethal weapon: “A champagne player who only scores great goals, we love him!” – All football

The Devils will have to particularly watch a Denis Dragus in full swing this Saturday. The now former Standard striker is an increasingly recognized and appreciated face in Romania, and it is not by chance. Dragus is destined for a great international career.

It is against a Romanian team that is difficult to maneuver that the Devils will have to seek their first success in this Euro 2024, this Saturday evening in Cologne. An impressively efficient Romania, which scored three goals against Ukraine on the first day with only 30% possession.

The coach, Edward Iordanescuhad been able to count on three goals from former Jupiler Pro League players: Nicolae Stanciu, Razvan Marin, then Denis Draguswho will leave for Trabzonspor once his stay in Germany is over.

Denis Dragus is bringing Romania to his feet

The now former Standard striker plays a leading role in this Romanian selection. “He is a very important player for us, who can make the difference and play in several different positions. We can see him in 9, 10 as well as in a slightly more hybrid role” assures us Ilie Dumitrescudouble scorer in the best match in the history of the Romanian selection, in the round of 16 of the 1994 World Cup against Argentina (read his complete preface from Belgium – Romania).

If the talent of Denis Dragus has always been recognized, in Romania, the now 24-year-old player was not always to his advantage during his debut for the selection. “He hasn’t always performed as well as we hoped. But, after his superb season in Gaziantep, we expect him to finally shine. It will be interesting to see him at Trabzonspor, which is a bigger club than Gaziantep in terms of pressure.”, engages, for his part, Emmanuel Rosuvoting for the Ballon d’Or for Romania and contributor to the Guardian, the BBC and 442, who also prefaced this meeting for us.

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“His career did not take off as quickly as expected, although we thought that Standard Liège would be an ideal club for his development. In the end, he lost two years of learning there, but it finally seems spear.”

Finally, it is also a bit of a summary of Denis Dragus’ time in Liège. Arriving in August 2019, Dragus, considered still too young, did not receive his chance in the first team during his first season. It was only after a loan to Crotone that he returned, at the dawn of the 2021-2022 season, to continue his career in the game. There, Dragus had demonstrated his talent, but he had also demonstrated his ‘a lack of regularity and consistency in front of goal to allow him to really take off his career.

For Denis Dragus, leaving Standard was the best thing to do

This is, however, an opinion in contradiction with that ofAlexander LazarFranco-Romanian journalist, editor for So Foot, founder of the media Foot Roumain on X and Instagram, with whom was also able to talk. The co-author of the book “In the shadow of the Big Five, the lost nations of football”, published by Amphora, has always been convinced by Dragus’ performances.

“He’s the striker we needed. Technically, he’s quite simply the best offensive player we’ve had since Adrian Mutu (Editor’s note: great Romanian scorer, notably with Juventus and Fiorentina, who totaled 35 goals in 77 matches with the Romanian selection, between 2000 and 2013). And I’m absolutely not exaggerating.”

“He has always been impactful with the selection, from his first cap in Serbia (in September 2018, Dragus was then 19 years old). We hope that he will be the starting striker, because there is no photo in his contribution and the fluidity of transition that he brings compared to his competitors in the team. Those who follow Romanian football closely love him. He is a Romanian football player from the 90s, who plays in the 2020s. . A champagne player who only scores good goals, Dragus continues, loud and clear, Alexander Lazar.

If opinions regarding the start of Denis Dragus’ international career may differ, all are now unanimous. “It’s the very example of the difference between a player who doesn’t have confidence and a player who is given confidence by his coach. We see that Dragus is now in his head, and that makes all the difference “, adds Ilie Dumitrescu.

Already a scorer against Ukraine and on the wave of his season with fifteen goals and two assists in Turkey, Denis Dragus is in full swing. “He’s one of the players we’ll have to keep an eye on during this Euro” concludes Emmanuel Rosu. The Ukrainians were obviously not attentive enough, the Devils will, above all, have to avoid repeating the same mistake.



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