The Young and the Restless (spoiler): episode summaries until July 12, 2024 on TF1 with Victor and Noah trapped

The Young and the Restless (spoiler): episode summaries until July 12, 2024 on TF1 with Victor and Noah trapped
The Young and the Restless (spoiler): episode summaries until July 12, 2024 on TF1 with Victor and Noah trapped

From Monday to Friday at 11 a.m., TF1 programs the adventures of the heroes of Flames of love . Toutatele invites you to discover the summaries of the next three weeks of the episodes of the Flames of love scheduled between Monday June 24 and Friday July 12, 2024.

In the plots, the Christmas holidays are coming. Victor reframes Sally while Nick has a strange dream during the end of year celebrations. The Abbotts are reluctant to invite Phyllis to their family dinner, but Jack eventually convinces them. While Chance suffers in silence, Ashland delivers good news to Victoria.

The Young and the Restless: William an alcoholic again?

Monday June 24, 2024

Sharon (Sharon Case) receives a visit from Nick (Joshua Morrow), then Mariah (Camryn Grimes), at Scarlet Neon and tries to convince them both to go to the party organized by Victor (Eric Braeden) and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) to celebrate Chance’s return (Conner Floyed). The latter notably met Ashland (Richard Burgi), before promising Abby (Melissa Ordway) to never again separate from her and their son, Dominic. Victor and Victoria (Amelia Heinle) also take the opportunity to try to coax Jill (Jess Walton) regarding the acquisition of Chancellor Communication. For her part, Ashley (Eileen Davidson) questions Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) about his intentions towards Jack (Peter Bergman), while Devon (Bryton James) arrives late to the party.

Tuesday June 25, 2024

Chance is back and he’s trying to get his life back on track with Abby and Dominic. But it’s far from obvious to him. Meanwhile, the cold war between Adam (Mark Grossman) and William (Jason Thompson) continues, but the latter seems to have an unstoppable plan.

Wednesday June 26, 2024

Ashland tells Victoria that there has been no further spread of her cancer, but before they can discuss further, Lily (Christel Khalil) interrupts them to speak privately to Victoria. Faced with Lily’s concern about William, Victoria shows her the signs that could indicate a potential relapse into addiction. Sharon tries to gauge Mariah’s feelings about Chance and Abby’s baby. After losing his job at Chancellor Communication, William actually seems to be in trouble. Adam finds him at Society drinking, and he exploits the situation to provoke him.

Thursday June 27, 2024

Noah (Rory Gibson) working with Devon on Tessa’s album (Cait Fairbanks) to choose the best coverage. Abby organizes a little family outing at Society with Dominic and Chance, who has just returned from his mission. They come across Tessa and Mariah. The latter seems disturbed to see him back. Chance seems uncomfortable in public. Amanda (Mishael Morgan) announces to Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) that she is going to open her law firm with Imani (Leigh-Anne Rose). Phyllis, for her part, confides in her relationship with Jack. To make their breakup official, Nick visits Phyllis to return her things.

Friday June 28, 2024

While Abby and Chance have a romantic evening, Devon confesses to Amanda that she misses Dominic. For their part, Nick and Victor try to explain themselves and end up reconciling. As for Noah, he talks with Adam and tells him that he accepts his job offer.

The big return of Chelsea played by Melissa Claire Egan in The Young and the Restless

Monday July 1, 2024

Lily takes up her duties within Chancellor. Victoria overhears Ashland on the phone. He pretends to prepare a surprise for her without saying more. Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) officially returns to Génoa and rushes to see her friend Chloé (Elizabeth Hendrickson). Victoria makes a big announcement to William: she wants to send the children to boarding school. Chloe meets Lily at Neon Scarlet and expresses her concerns about William’s condition. Someone sends Adam compromising photos of William and says they want to help him.

Tuesday July 2, 2024

While waiting for Connor to return, Chelsea has an update with Adam regarding their future. William and Lily run into Ashland and Victoria at the restaurant and William takes advantage of the opportunity to make a spectacle of himself. Lily is starting to worry about him, what if he ends up falling back into his old ways by pretending? Devon confides in Amanda about his concerns about Chance. The latter learns that the people who attacked the building where he was hiding were all arrested. Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) discusses the return of his partner with Sharon (Sharon Case).

Wednesday July 3, 2024

Tessa, Mariah and Noah discuss the album cover and are joined by Moses (Jacob Aaron Gaines) and Faith (Reylynn Caster). The latter notices Noah’s interest in Tessa and ends up questioning him about his feelings towards her. Chloe catches Sally spying on William and she suspects that Adam is the instigator of her behavior. Adam accompanies Chelsea and Connor to the apartment, he takes the opportunity to ask Chelsea about her intentions regarding joining Sally and Chloe. After leaving Neon Scarlet, Mariah and Tessa once again discuss becoming parents…

Thursday July 4, 2024

Adam lets Sally know that he has guessed who sent him William’s videos. Sharon and Rey prepare for Christmas Eve. William suggests to Lily that she prepare for the interviews that await her as CEO. Chelsea agrees to meet Sally while Chloé still hopes to convince her to run Newman Couture alongside her.

Friday July 5, 2024

As the Christmas holidays approach, Nick and Phyllis give each other their present and look back with emotion on their story. Chance and Abby are at Society to celebrate the arrest of those responsible for the attack in Spain. They are joined by Amanda and Devon. Elena accepts the offer to move in with Nate. William and Lily confide their plan to Jack, the latter does not understand his brother’s desire for revenge.

The fires of love: it’s Christmas in Genoa

Monday July 8, 2024

Victor summons Sally to his house to ask her to stop spying on William and to question her about her relationship with Adam. At Society, William and Lily wait for Sally or Adam to arrive to stage a fake argument. At Neon Scarlet, Sharon and Nick try to have a conversation with Noah, but he is too absorbed in his work. Connor has difficulty adjusting to his mother’s return and his parents’ separation.

Tuesday July 9, 2024

Just before Christmas Eve, friends and family parade at Abby and Chance’s house. Devon gives Dominic a music box that Neil gave to Hilary and Devon for the baby they lost. Abby gives Devon a painting with Dominic’s footprints. Jack invites Phyllis to come over to Abby’s house, but Traci is reluctant to have his presence and so is Abby. They ask him questions about his relationship with Jack. Despite everything, he decides to invite her to the Abbott’s New Year’s Eve dinner. Chance silently suffers from survivor’s syndrome and tries to make up for lost time without his wife and son.

Wednesday July 10, 2024

Christmas is getting ready in Genoa City. At the ranch, Victor and Noah are wrapping presents… too late! Connor arrives and sees his hockey equipment that he wants to try out right away. Chelsea accepts but does not hide her concern about this risky contact sport, and she asks Noah to watch over her son for his first lesson. Nick confides in Sharon. He questions himself and wants to move forward. He meets Ashland and Victoria and offers Ashland a fresh start. Sally is preparing to celebrate New Year’s Eve alone, but Adam suggests she go for a last drink. He gives her a tender kiss on the cheek and wishes her a Merry Christmas.

Thursday July 11, 2024

Nick is at Neon Scarlet. He is exhausted after distributing gifts to the children at the orphanage. He falls asleep and dreams. His whole family is present, they show him their love and try to get him out of his distress, his current uncertainty. When he woke up, he understood certain things. Then he gets Summer on the phone and suggests he go see her in Italy after Christmas. Sharon, Faith and Noah are delighted to be able to celebrate Christmas with Nick.

Friday July 12, 2024

Sally tries to sympathize with Tessa and convince her of a possible professional collaboration, but Noah advises the latter to be wary. Elena, for her part, announces to Sharon that she has decided to move in with Nate. Chelsea meets Abby at Society where she meets Dominic, before giving Chloe her conditions to come work at Newman Media. Adam, for his part, comes across Chance in Scarlet Neon and apologizes to him.

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