Martinique. Three gun deaths in 24 hours

Martinique. Three gun deaths in 24 hours
Martinique. Three gun deaths in 24 hours

Three people were shot dead in less than 24 hours in Martinique, during two separate shootings on Wednesday and Thursday, bringing to 12 the number of homicides committed since the start of the year on the island, announced Friday June 21 2024 the Fort-de-France public prosecutor’s office.

The lifeless bodies of a woman born in 1995 and her companion born in 1981 were found by the gendarmes at their home in Saint-Esprit, in the south of the island, Thursday June 20 around 3:45 p.m. (9 p.m. 45 Metropolitan time), according to Clarisse Taron, the public prosecutor of Fort-de-France.

“Both were found dead, with gunshot wounds”she said during a press conference at the city’s judicial court. “A weapon has been discovered” at the crime scene, she added.

The forty-year-old was “known to the courts”continued the magistrate, explaining that the investigators were studying “several possible scenarios” : intra-family murder followed by suicide or double homicide committed by a third party.

Twelve deaths in 2024

The day before, in the evening, a man was fatally injured during a shooting near the Mahault bus station, in Lamentin, in central Martinique.

“There would be a question of two-wheeler theft gone wrong: that, at least, is what the witnesses say at this stage”specified Ms. Taron, who said she was not “not at all sure” that the investigation supports this version.

Fred-Michel Tirault, the mayor of Saint-Esprit, said ” shocked ” the day after the macabre discovery in his town, deploring an “extremely rare occurrence” in this town of 10,000 inhabitants.

These three deaths bring the number of homicide victims to 12 since the start of the year in Martinique, after the 25 murders or assassinations recorded in 2023 in this overseas territory.

“We remain on last year’s proportion at this stage”commented Ms. Taron, questioning the proliferation of firearms on this island, a consequence, according to her, of “the proximity of the United States and Brazil”.



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