2 million people affected by floods

2 million people affected by floods
2 million people affected by floods

JAKARTA – Moonson rains and peak waters from India caused heavy flooding in northeastern Bangladesh and exacerbated the situation. More than 2 million people have been affected.

UNICEF said residents trapped in the region, including more than 772,000 children, were in desperate need of help.

“Children are the most vulnerable groups, facing increased risk of drowning, malnutrition, deadly water-borne diseases, displacement trauma and potential abuse in crowded shelters,” said Sheldon Yett , UNICEF representative in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh’s Ministry of Meteorology expects further heavy rains in the coming days, which could exacerbate flooding and cause landslides in hilly areas.

At least ten people, including eight Rohingya Muslims, died on Wednesday June 19 following heavy rains which triggered landslides in refugee camps in southern Bangladesh.

The north-east of the region was severely affected, with heavy rainfall and strong Indian waters causing large puddles. Bangladesh is still recovering from the cyclone that hit its southern coast late last month.

“I fear this disaster could be as bad as the floods of 2022,” said Shameem Chowdhury, a resident of Yaleh, referring to the flood which was the worst flood in the region in 122 years.

Television broadcasts show large floods in fields and villages with people shivering in water as high as their knees in the town of Aleth as rainfall increases the water level along the four rivers of the region.

Many areas are submerged, posing a significant threat to plants if flooding lasts long, Agriculture Department officials said.

The floods also caused significant damage to infrastructure, with more than 810 public schools in the Eletz division flooded and nearly 500 schools used as flood shelters, UNICEF said.

Nearly 140 community clinics were also overwhelmed, disrupting essential health services.

A 2015 analysis by the World Bank Institute estimates that about 3.5 million people in Bangladesh, one of the most climate-vulnerable countries in the world, are at risk of river flooding each year. Scientists attribute the exacerbation of the disaster to climate change.

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