Forest fires | SOPFEU takes stock

(Archive photo – courtesy SOPFEU)

SOPFEU took stock of the forest fires raging in the region.

On the airwaves of O99.1, the organization’s spokesperson, Isabelle Gariépy, indicated that a certain number of fires are out of control at the time of writing these lines, including a new one which appeared this midday in the Lac-Morin sector.

“We were already working on a fire line that appeared yesterday due to lightning. It was already very active by the time our air tankers arrived. It is a fire that has grown, especially towards the south. It is now at 963 hectares. He and Walker Lake were the most active,” she said.

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Also read: Lightning ignites several fires in a short time on the North Shore.

She also mentions that two other fires in the northwest are out of control but growing less quickly. “It should calm down overnight, but these are fires that are requiring a lot of work for us at the moment. »

In the area, where the fire rating is extreme, a spark can start a fire quickly. In addition, Ms. Gariépy indicates that conifers burn more easily, a reason why the fires are still active this evening. “In the evening, the night is cooler and should help our teams, who will also increase in numbers. »

Finally, the SOPFEU spokesperson emphasizes that the teams will relax at night due to the wooded and rocky area. “On the other hand, our teams are sleeping in camps and will be ready to intervene early this morning. Teams are on the move and will be on site tomorrow. »



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