Macron near the end of his reign? These signs show a very weakened president

Macron near the end of his reign? These signs show a very weakened president
Macron near the end of his reign? These signs show a very weakened president
LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP These signs which show that the end of Macron’s reign is near (Emmanuel Macron during his speech on Sunday June 9.)


These signs which show that the end of Macron’s reign is near (Emmanuel Macron during his speech on Sunday June 9.)

POLITICS – Alone in his kingdom. By dissolving the National Assembly on June 9, following the result of the European elections, Emmanuel Macron caused a cataclysm on the political scene. A ” clarification », to use his expression, but which does not operate only on the side of his adversaries.

While the left hastily united behind the banner of the “New Popular Front” to try to counter a National Rally closer to power than ever, the camp of the tenant of the Élysée shows inclinations towards independence unprecedented vis-à-vis the head of state. Quite unthinkable just a few months ago.

In fact, Emmanuel Macron’s poker move remains misunderstood within his troops, as it jeopardizes the rest of the five-year term. And undoubtedly much more, as several signs in this blitz show. Because ultimately, it is the weight of the Head of State in the years to come that is at stake, even within his own political family.

Since June 9, few have staunchly defended the presidential choice. On the contrary, the leaders are all trying to detach themselves from his decision, even from his results, to try to chart their own path and carve out a space between the National Rally and the alliance of left-wing parties. All far from the unpopularity of the tenant of the Élysée.

Erased from speeches like posters

Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy since the early Macronist days, has thus broken with a certain reserve in the media through several explosive declarations. He spoke in particular on - about the dissolution as a choice which caused “ worry, incomprehension, sometimes anger” – with a pout that says as much as the photo captured by the Élysée photographer on the evening of the announcement of the dissolution. Before castigating “ woodlice that hide in the grooves of the parquet floor », in his words, and who advised the president behind the scenes to convince him of the merits of this decision.

More generally, the entire macronie seems tempted to erase the President of the Republic from his speeches, his leaflets or his posters, after having already asked him to remain silent during this campaign. In this sense, the case of Clément Beaune is revealing of so many others: this close friend of Emmanuel Macron since his years at Bercy (under François Hollande), minister on several occasions, deleted the photo of the leader from his documents while this took up almost all the space in 2022. And here is the outgoing deputy who is now running as a candidate “ free. »Cruel turn of events for the one who brought together the camp of « at the same time » in 2017.

But in the family of center » claimed, it is undoubtedly the former Prime Minister Édouard Philippe who goes the furthest. Maybe a little more free ” that ” loyal » now, the president of the Horizons party (3rd force to support Emmanuel Macron, alongside Renaissance and the MoDem) accused, Thursday June 20 in front of the LCI cameras, the head of state of having “ kill » the presidential majority. An observation, certainly. But whose chosen vocabulary reflects a form of bitterness, if not the desire to turn the page. Especially since the former head of government promised to say even more after the election.

Overshadowed by heavyweights

In the meantime, the former Prime Minister has made a first break with the president and his party. After having nibbled around twenty nominations in new constituencies compared to the 2022 legislative elections, (around 80 against 60) Édouard Philippe asked his candidates to attach themselves in the prefecture to his party, and not to the Macronist coalition “ Together » like two years ago.

Beyond this technical decision, the one who was eyeing (and still aiming for) 2027 has since campaigned on the promise of a “ new majority. » Understand: which would not necessarily be the one designed by Emmanuel Macron, or under his control. Nothing unusual, therefore, to see the face of Édouard Philippe displayed everywhere, even on the leaflets of early Macronists like Astrid Panosyan-Bouvet, co-founder of En Marche in 2016.

Same observation for Gabriel Attal: the head of government, like his distant predecessor, is particularly present in the campaign. And he also commits to the promise of a form of renewal vis-à-vis the President of the Republic. Notably when he asks the French to “ choose » in the polls as Prime Minister to give him weight and a “strong legitimacy” in Matignon.

This legislative election is important: for the first time in more than 25 years, the French will choose their Prime Minister. Necessarily, the Prime Minister who will obviously emerge will have strong legitimacy. “, he assured for example this Wednesday on TF1.

And added, the next day, during a press conference: “ Obviously there will be a before and an after. And that at the end of this election, necessarily, there will be a before and an after in the practice of power, in the balance of institutions. » A way of personifying the vote, but also of politely implying that he wishes to have more influence against Emmanuel Macron in the coming months, if indeed his camp manages to stay in business. The king is not yet naked, but he seems decidedly weakened.

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