Why is the 2024 NBA Draft considered “weak”?

Why is the 2024 NBA Draft considered “weak”?
Why is the 2024 NBA Draft considered “weak”?

Less than a week before the 2024 NBA Draft, it’s no secret that the vintage is considered relatively weak. The hype is incomparable to that of last year (with Victor Wembanyama), especially in the first places, and today’s report looks at the reasons which can explain it.

What is a good draft pick?

The person able to answer this question can immediately prepare their application to join the recruiting teams of an NBA franchise. By definition, uncertainty reigns, and the ceremony is a pretty nose contest that goes beyond the borders of the United States. But this year, the uncertainty seems multiplied and expectations are low. Overview of the criteria which can explain a rather rare phenomenon in the recent history of the league.

Multiple veteran NBA execs say the same thing about this draft.

It’s the worst draft they have ever seen.

— Jeff Goodman (@GoodmanHoops) https://twitter.com/GoodmanHoops/status/1774838580248006832?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

In order to open this file, the introductory formula of Kevin O’Connor in the Big Board The Ringer is a useful way to understand the judgment given to the 2024 NBA Draft, without falling into the caricature of a simply “bad” draft:

“Watching this year’s draft is like going to your favorite steakhouse and finding out they’re out of steak. Of course, there are still plenty of other delicious options: your trusted insides, two-way wingers with potential, and outsides who can create their own shot. But there is no Wagyu porterhouse like Victor Wembanyama last year. There isn’t even a consensus on the best entries.”

The 2024 NBA Draft in search of a superstar

The first obvious point to make is the absence of a “face” of the 2024 vintagethat is to say a prospect whose potential makes General Managers salivate across the United States.

By definition, the NBA Draft is a guessing game. But usually, some are easier than others. Even if zero doubt does not exist, a franchise that selects a Zion Williamson or a Victor Wembanyama is aware that it is not throwing itself into the unknown. This year, despite a good range of talents, the hype is not really catching on among the fans and even less among the recruiting teams. An Eastern Conference leader, cited by Fox Sportsreportedly said:

“There are some good players in this draft. The problem is that even in the top 3, there are no franchise changers.”

Building an NBA franchise means trying to find an athlete with broad enough shoulders. But the profile is rare. So when there seems to be none, what do we do?

Is that a good situation, first pick?

Beyond the absence of a flagship profile, the first choice of the 2024 NBA Draft is not yet no consensus. Two weeks before the ceremony, Zaccharie Risacher seems in pole position after… months of hesitation, and nothing currently guarantees his selection by the Hawks. A year ago, Matas Buzelis or Ron Holland was pretty much a consensus. Isaiah Collier then Nikola Topic was then able to be in the first months of the 2023-24 season, while Alexandre Sarr was number one for the last six months. So many names, so much uncertainty.

If the situation may have existed in the past, the phenomenon is accentuated this year by the mistrust of the international, which has always been relatively high in the NBA. Because scouting teams are historically built on an NCAA model, prospects playing in a more distant league are often evaluated with a different look – not necessarily negative but different.

And beyond the NBA franchises, which regularly appear a little paranoid in the face of this factor, it is above all the reactions of American fans which speak for themselves. Because they do not have the opportunity to observe the nuggets over entire sequences, matches or competitions, precaution often precedes hype. Just remember the reception given to Kristaps Porzingis (2015, choice 4) or even the rank of Luka Doncic (2018, choice 3), to name only the players in the NBA Finals this year.

This reaction to the Knicks drafting Kristaps Porzingis is legendary -


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