Spam update June 2024 from Google: What you need to know

On June 20, 2024, Google began rolling out its new anti-spam update, scheduled to roll out over just one week. This update aims to improve the quality of search results by targeting websites that violate Google’s anti-spam policies.

What you must remember :

  • Google launched its new spam update on June 20, 2024;
  • It should last about a week;
  • It targets sites that violate Google’s anti-spam policies.

Launch of the June 2024 spam update

This update is the first since the massive Core Update and Spam Update March 2024. Although the exact type of spam targeted by this update is not clearly stated, any rankings fluctuations in the coming week could be related to this update. If you don’t employ spammy techniques on your site, you should still have peace of mind.

Google clarified that the June 2024 update could take up to a week to be fully deployed. Once the rollout is complete, Google will post an update on its dashboard.

Objectives of Google spam update

The main objective of this update is to strengthen Google’s spam detection capabilitiesspecifically targeting sites that use practices such as:

  • Automatic content generation to improve rankings.
  • Buying or selling links to manipulate results.
  • Duplicate or poor quality content.
  • Hidden redirects and other deceptive techniques.

The Spam Update of June 2024 is not linked to the algorithmic component of the implementation of the site reputation abuse policywhich will be the subject of a separate announcement.

History of Google Spam Updates

Google regularly updates its systems to reduce low-quality content and spam in its search results. The last anti-spam update was in March 2024.

Previous Google Spam Updates took place in:

Recommendations for affected sites

Websites affected by an anti-spam update must review Google spam policies to ensure compliance. Sites that violate these policies may see their rankings drop or even disappear from search results altogether.

Making changes to comply with Google’s policies can help a site improve its rankings as Google’s automated systems recognize this compliance over a period of months.

Do not hesitate to carry out an SEO audit of your site to check its condition and prioritize the improvements to be made to regain your positions.

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