Legislative 2024: political parties in Côte-d’Or are organizing to facilitate proxies

Legislative 2024: political parties in Côte-d’Or are organizing to facilitate proxies
Legislative 2024: political parties in Côte-d’Or are organizing to facilitate proxies

Have you identified a person who will be able to vote for you on June 30 and July 7 in the event of their absence? While in France, the Ministry of the Interior has already registered at least 710,000 proxies, 6.3 times more than in 2022, some still have not found proxies who could vote for them. In Côte-d’Or, political parties are mobilizing to find solutions.

An online platform “Together 2024” to find volunteers to vote

In Fontaine-lès-Dijon, Pierre Fumoleau campaigns for “Together for the Republic”, the movement of the presidential majority. He is also responsible in Côte d’Or for the online proxy platform “Together 2024”.

Every day, voters looking for volunteers to vote for them register on the platform. Pierre Fumoleau must then find them a representative: “we have processed over a hundred requests for proxies since the beginning. On the platform, people register and then I look for a volunteer who can vote. For example, we make sure not to give the proxy of a person who votes in Arnay-le-Duc to a resident of Santenay.

The return to the polls is approaching and requests to find an agent is accelerating according to Pierre Fumoleau: “I think there are two things, there is an awareness on the part of citizens who want to go and vote, and then there are those who had planned to go on vacation“.

Around forty requests for proxies from the Federation of the Socialist Party of Côte-d’Or

On the side of the New Popular Front, the PS federation of Côte-d’Or has already been contacted by forty voters who will not be able to go to the polls for the next elections. This is much more than for the European elections, raises Antoine Hoareau, secretary of the Socialist Party section in Dijon: “we had ten requests for the Europeans, there, forty in one week, so there is a strong mobilization.”

Our activists are ready to collect proxies from people who would like to vote for our candidates in the legislative elections. Simply contact the Socialist Party by going to the site” continues Antoine Hoareau.

Members of the National Rally of Côte-d’Or mobilized to vote by proxy

So that as many people as possible can vote, mobilization is also strong among members of the National Rally assures René Lioret RN candidate in the 5th constituency of Côte-d’Or: “I have already managed around fifty requests. I have the list of our members by canton and city. I’m looking to see who’s closest to vote.”



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