Fatal work accident in Montreal: shortcomings reported on the construction site

Fatal work accident in Montreal: shortcomings reported on the construction site
Fatal work accident in Montreal: shortcomings reported on the construction site

Union representatives learned of shortcomings observed on the construction site where a worker lost his life Wednesday morning in downtown Montreal.

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“There are a lot of gaps in occupational health and safety on the construction site,” declares Félix Ferland, vice-president at CSN-Construction, in an interview with LCN.

According to the latter, this would not be the first time that there have been falling objects on this site.

“[On] told me that there were deficiencies in the organization of work, and that this is not the first time that objects have fallen,” said the union representative.

The prevention program of the Commission for Standards, Equity, Health and Safety at Work (CNESST) is not always applied, according to what was reported to Félix Ferland.

“There are movers walking around the job site on occasion, not trained, no personal protective equipment. Apparently the toilets are difficult to get clean ones. As stupid as it may seem, it is often an element which reflects the management of health and safety,” he gives as an example.

In order to keep the construction site safe, union representatives are demanding, for example, safety nets against falling objects and debris, like those that allegedly cost Vito Fundaro’s life on Wednesday.

“These are rope nets which are installed directly on the structure of the building which are carried as if outside the building so that when there are falls, the materials simply fall into the nets and this prevents the materials shatter the ground,” explains Simon Lévesque, responsible for occupational health and safety at FTQ-Construction.

A long investigation

When TVA Nouvelles visited on Thursday afternoon, the condominium tower construction site located near Square Phillips was still closed.

The CNESST investigation has just begun and Magil Construction has promised to offer its full cooperation.

Vito Fundaro was a young 26-year-old subcontractor who died, possibly crushed by a beam or formwork materials, Wednesday morning around 11:15 a.m.

The heavy objects are said to have fallen from the 61st floor after a crane maneuver.

Acquaintances and friends of the victim paid tribute to him on social networks.

TVA Nouvelles contacted relatives and members of his family who declined interview requests given the extremely painful context.



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