Fatal collision near Chartres: what the first elements of the investigation say

Fatal collision near Chartres: what the first elements of the investigation say
Fatal collision near Chartres: what the first elements of the investigation say

On the evening of Tuesday June 18, seven people were killed in a collision on a departmental road near Chartres.

The victims are five young people, aged 17 to 19, and an elderly couple.

Investigators are now trying to understand the circumstances surrounding this terrible accident.

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The 8 p.m.

A road covered in debris and two destroyed cars… Photos, taken a few minutes after the tragedy, bear witness to the violence of the shock. A young man arrived on site just after the accident. “There was a smoke screen, I came to look and I saw three cars colliding. It really hit hard”, he tells the microphone of TF1. The accident occurred on Tuesday June 18, around 6:30 p.m., on the departmental 921, between Illiers-Combray and Bailleau-le-Pin.


A car carrying five young people between 17 and 19 years old collided head-on with another car. Its two occupants, a couple in their eighties, died instantly. Then, in its race, the first vehicle hits a second car, before catching fire in the ditch. Its five passengers died in the flames. Both occupants of the third car were injured in the accident.

The investigation has only just begun, but according to the prosecutor, excessive speed could be the cause of the exit from the road and which caused the collision. “We have seized the three vehicles, and I am going to ask an accident expert to give answers to very simple questions: how much can we estimate the speed of the vehicles, and were there any mechanical problems Also, you never know.”explains Frédéric Chevallier.

Infographic – Reconstruction of the accident – TF1
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A few kilometers away, in Bailleau-le-Pin, the residents are in shock and most of them know this portion of the departmental road well. Autopsies are to be carried out next week. They will have to determine whether the five occupants of the burned car were under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The editorial staff of TF1info | Report: Antoine Bourdarias, Thomas Misrachi, Hippolyte Riou du Cosquer



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