Euro 2024: Mbappé participated in the training of the Blues, Germany qualified… relive Wednesday’s day

Euro 2024: Mbappé participated in the training of the Blues, Germany qualified… relive Wednesday’s day
Euro 2024: Mbappé participated in the training of the Blues, Germany qualified… relive Wednesday’s day


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Germany qualified

Victorious 2-0 against Hungary, Germany has just validated its ticket for the round of 16 thanks to goals from Jamal Musiala and Ilkay Gundogan.


The Blues return to the locker room

End of the session for the Blues. Light, it lasted about an hour and was not very intense. Two days after his broken nose, Kylian Mbappé participated in part of the training, performing a few sprints before joining his partners for striking exercises.


Mbappé on strike

The Bondynois has now joined his partners to carry out a hitting session.


Images of Mbappé’s entry

Find the first images of Kylian Mbappé in training thanks to our journalist present on site.


Mbappé in discussion with Deschamps

The French team striker has finished his warm-up and is now talking with Didier Deschamps.


Mbappé increases the intensity

The 2018 world champion is starting to increase the intensity of his sprints and doesn’t seem bothered.


Mbappé jogging

The intensity of Kylian Mbappé’s jogging is very light. The Real Madrid striker connects short passes with the physical trainer. Note that he is wearing a bandage on his broken nose, and not a precautionary mask. The latter is not yet ready.


Mbappé joins training

Kylian Mbappé has just made his appearance on the training pitch. The captain of the Blues trots with a ball alongside physical trainer Cyril Moine.


Hernandez spared, Saliba hit in the ankle

Note that the Blues are only 22 on the field. In addition to Kylian Mbappé, Théo Hernandez and Dayot Upamecano are spared. For his part, William Saliba is currently trotting apart. The Arsenal defender feels pain in his ankle.


Mbappé not on the field

Training for the Blues has just started in Paderborn. Kylian Mbappé is not present on the field.


Mbappé present at Blues training

Victim of a broken nose against Austria, Kylian Mbappé should be present at the Home Deluxe Arena for the Blues’ training, scheduled for the end of the afternoon. It now remains to be seen whether the captain of the Blues will train well with the group or on the sidelines.


Germany-Hungary live


Croatia and Albania back-to-back

Croatia and Albania have just completed the first match of the day with a score of 2-2.


Croatia led at half-time (0-1)

Surprised by Laci’s header in the 11th minute, the Croats are currently behind and in great difficulty in Group B.


Croatia-Albania compositions


Who is Anthony Taylor, the Netherlands-France referee?

English referee Anthony Taylor will referee the Blues’ second match against the Netherlands this Friday (9 p.m.). A well-known official of the Blues and PSG.


William Saliba, the surprise guest

Preferred over Ibrahima Konaté for the first match against Austria and author of a convincing performance, the Arsenal defender is going through a good period which he hopes to stretch throughout the Euro.


Mbappé: the story of his complicated start to the Euro

The captain of the French team had a particularly eventful start to the competition. Victim of a broken nose which will force him to miss the Blues’ second match on Friday, he raises many questions for the rest of the tournament.


The Blues looking for “more efficiency” against the Netherlands

Asked about the solutions to beat this Dutch team, Adrien Rabiot explained that we would have to find “more efficiency”. “We were less good on this subject against Austria. If we are as solid defensively and in midfield with more efficiency, there is really a way to worry the Netherlands. »


Kylian Mbappé’s package against the Netherlands “not yet recorded” according to Rabiot

“I understood that he was uncertain and not yet absent. It’s not yet confirmed,” explained Adrien Rabiot about Kylian Mbappé’s broken nose.


Adrien Rabiot on the legislative elections: “If we could put that aside a little…”

The Juventus midfielder from Turin called for a vote but does not want the subject to “parasitize” his teammates too much.

“We feel like it’s a hot topic. Everyone is free to think what they want. We simply want to tell people to go and vote, that you should not let others choose for you. My opinion is that everyone is free to vote according to their convictions. We are in a democracy. You should not be too distracted by these questions within the group. »


Adrien Rabiot “not worried about his future” at Juventus

“My future is not settled. I thought that would be the case but no. I put that aside. I speak with my agent, but it’s put on the back burner. I am fully focused on the Blues. I’m not worried. »

On the arrival of Thiago Motta: “What he did with Bologna was very good work. This is a very good choice for Juventus. But this will not be decisive in my choice! »


“We reveal ourselves in these major competitions,” assures Rabiot

The French midfielder ensures that the Blues arrive “in a different state of mind” for this Euro, compared to the friendly matches.

“When we enter the competition, we have a different state of mind. We are all focused on the same goal. We have young but very competitive players. In friendly matches, there are fewer commitments. There is perhaps less intensity. There is this desire to go to the end. We reveal ourselves in these major competitions. »


“Don’t plan too much”, Deschamps’ instructions to Rabiot and Kanté

Adrien Rabiot explained Didier Deschamps’ few words in his new association with N’Golo Kanté.

“The instructions are not to project too much, but to be in the heart of the game and recovering. The coach asks us to stay safe. The tasks were well distributed. We were able to take turns projecting ourselves. We had a very good match! », he congratulated himself.


Adrien Rabiot no longer feels discomfort in his calf

Present following William Saliba, Adrien Rabiot feels “physically good”. “I had a little doubt. It’s been a month since I last played. It’s always important to be at your best. I did 70 very good minutes. I didn’t have any discomfort in my calf,” he reassured.


Saliba fears the “intensity” of the Netherlands

Asked about the Blues’ next match against the Netherlands, William Saliba explained that he “saw the match against Poland”: “There was a lot of intensity. We have already beaten them in the Nations League. They will want to beat us in a pool. This isn’t going to be easy. »


“A collective press release” from the Blues pending on the legislative elections?

Asked about legislative issues, William Saliba indicated “not being the right client” with a smile.

“We have to go vote. I encourage everyone to go and vote, he simply said. For the collective press release, we are waiting to write it all together. »


Maps, Playstation and watching matches

Installed at the Paderborn camp since the start of this Euro, the wait between matches is a little long for the Blues according to William Saliba: “I’m not going to lie to you. It’s long. We are at base camp. You can play cards, the Playstation, while watching the matches. It’s clear that the time is a little long. »


Mbappé “does a little better” according to Saliba

William Saliba spoke about the state of health of Kylian Mbappé and his broken nose: “He was a little better. I met him. He was going to do new tests. The good news is that he was doing better. »


Left axial Saliba? ” Not a problem “

Right-handed and right central defender with Arsenal, William Saliba has been aligned on the left since the start of the preparation: “During the preparation camp at Clairefontaine, I said that I could play on the left. This is not a problem. I have played this position before. To defend, you have to orient yourself in a certain way, but I’m used to it! »


Saliba did not “expect” to be a starter

William Saliba arrived first at the press conference, with a first question about his starting status: “I didn’t expect it. When you are called up for the Euro, you have to be ready. I had two matches in a row with two clean sheets. I have a little more confidence. »


Upcoming Blues press conferences

William Saliba and Adrien Rabiot are expected to speak to the media from 12 p.m., from the French team’s training stadium in Paderborn, Germany.


What is the France team worth without Mbappé?

After breaking his nose against Austria, the Blues striker will miss at least the match against the Netherlands this Friday. As the statistics show, without him, the France team is less strong.


Anthony Taylor at the whistle for Netherlands – France

English referee Anthony Taylor will referee the Blues’ second match against the Netherlands this Friday (9 p.m.).

Anthony Bibard/FEP/Icon Sport

The experienced man in black has already led a meeting between the France team and the Oranje (0-2 defeat in November 2018 in the Nations League).


A very open scorer ranking

After the end of the first day, no player scored a double or better. Out of 34 goals scored in twelve matches, 31 different players scored. The other 3 achievements are against his side.


“No Scotland, no party”

What if the main interest of Scotland’s matches is ultimately played out in the stands?

If the footballers collapsed against the Mannschaft (1-5), the supporters put on the show, equipped with their bagpipes, their kilts and their pints. There are 100,000 to 200,000 of them who accompanied the Scotland team to Germany, and are waiting for this evening’s match against Switzerland (9 p.m.).


At what time and on what channel?

Here is the TV program for today’s matches:

– Croatia-Albania: 3 p.m., BeIN Sports 1

– Germany-Hungary: 6 p.m., BeIN Sports 1

– Scotland-Switzerland: 9 p.m., BeIN Sports 1


Germany can already validate its qualification

Sovereign against Scotland (5-1) at the opening of the Euro, the Mannschaft wishes to maintain its good momentum against Hungary and validate an unblemished qualification from this Wednesday evening (6 p.m., BeIn Sports) in Stuttgart.


The program of the day


Croatia already with its back to the wall

After its 3-0 rout against Spain on Saturday, Croatia is already under pressure before facing Albania in Hamburg this Wednesday, while in Group B, Spain and Italy have already stored 3 points in the first match.


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Let’s go for the sixth day of the Euro

  • Three matches on the program this Wednesday for the start of the 2nd day of the group stage of Euro 2024: Croatia-Albania (3 p.m.), Germany-Hungary (6 p.m.) and Scotland-Switzerland (9 p.m.).
  • As for the French team, Didier Deschamps’ men will return to training at 5:30 p.m., without Kylian Mbappé in all likelihood.
  • William Saliba and Adrien Rabiot will be at a press conference from 12 p.m.

Group stage standings



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