Horoscope: here is what the arrival of summer will change in the life of each astrological sign

Horoscope: here is what the arrival of summer will change in the life of each astrological sign
Horoscope: here is what the arrival of summer will change in the life of each astrological sign

It’s one of the most anticipated times of the year. We love it as much as a period of Mercury retrograde, minus the problems. We are obviously talking about the arrival of summer, marked by its solstice or, as witches call it, “the sabbath of litha”. On June 21, 2024, we will therefore dive into what is akin to the warmest, most creative and luminous season of the year. A moment of joy and abundance that could transform our lives. Yes, just that ! Ready for the big departure? Let’s go back to the basics to understand everything.

Why celebrate the summer solstice?

Litha, summer solstice or music festival. Whatever its name, the first day of summer is always associated with joy and good humor. It’s much more than the longest day of the year, it’s an invitation to celebrate life at a time when the Sun leaves Gemini to join the sign of Cancer. Antonella, astrologer for Psychic World explains: “It is an important event that offers you the opportunity to manifest your dreams, make peace with past problems and encourage self-affirmation. » Inner strength is reborn, our energy is boosted. “From this flow possibilities for growth, new connections and self-healing. […] Although the solstice itself emphasizes these goals, it is the days, weeks, and months ahead in which you can hope to see them come to fruition. » It is therefore difficult to ignore this dream opportunity to make a wish.

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Horoscope: what is the influence of the summer solstice on astrological signs?

The arrival of summer will be motivating or it will not be. Each astrological sign has its own goals, but will they each succeed in achieving their goals?

Aries horoscope for the arrival of summer

Aries is the go-getter and enterprising type. He doesn’t hesitate for a second before embarking on a new project or accepting a challenge. With the season of Gemini (a friendly sign) the stranger held out his arms. He made a series of poker moves and multiplied his successes. However, when the Sun arrives in Cancer, the rhythm changes. The pace slows down. “You may feel the need to take it slowly,” emphasizes the astrologer. “Even though it’s in your nature to get outside, let the summer solstice remind you of the pleasure you can derive from the simple joys of life and enjoy being comfortably settled at home. »

Taurus horoscope for the arrival of summer

This year’s summer solstice invites you to take the plunge and open up to others. You socialize. It’s no secret that you love your comfort and being at home, but summer is a sparkling season that invites spontaneity. “Have deep and meaningful conversations during your various meetings and you may learn a lot of things,” advises the astrologer. With Mars, the planet of passion, in your sign, you will therefore be in the mood to flirt. Summer releases your sensuality. “Uranus, the planet of chaos, is also in Taurus all month, so prepare for some surprises. » Ready for the great renewal?

Gemini horoscope for the arrival of summer

Your anniversary season has been full of twists and turns. You had fun, you took advantage and Jupiter, luckily, added another layer by arriving in your sky. It’s good to live in your ecosystem. “This may be a great time to organize your funds. When it comes to love and relationships, you may attract someone who is more grounded than you’re used to. As with your finances, in your work, you may also wish to adopt a more committed and firmer tone,” explains the astrologer. The summer solstice is therefore an ideal time to make a fresh start and assert your position. You can trust yourself and go for it.

Cancer horoscope for the arrival of summer

The arrival of summer officially launches your birthday period. We know you, it’s been a while since you started preparing for the evening and organizing your schedule to make this moment your moment of glory. With the Sun arriving in your sign, you light up. Your charm shines, your popularity soars. “With two additional planets in your sign, Mercury, communication and Venus, love, the atmosphere promises to be warm. Good humor is intensified and love can be hidden, so see who you feel most connected to,” observes the astrologer. Single, a crush quickly happened. As a couple, surprise and happiness are within reach. All you have to do is enjoy.

Leo horoscope for the arrival of summer

It’s the time of year when the Sun (your favorite star) reaches its zenith. Perfect, you love the light and comforting heat of summer. “The longest day gives you a powerful boost. You feel brave and happy to take a risk! » Ready to do anything to take the next step, the Lion takes the plunge and he is not afraid. “Being a Fire sign, you naturally move forward quickly, but don’t underestimate the effectiveness of planning in advance and defining your intentions,” warns the astrologer. If the Lion has a very precise strategy and the desire to do battle with it, he must not forget to think about every detail at the risk of feeling very deprived when the kiss returns…

Virgo horoscope for the arrival of summer

After a rather stressful season of transformation and fine-tuning, it’s time to take it easy. This summer, Virgo could well learn to let go. It’s perfect, because the planets in Cancer (Venus love and Mercury communication) invite her to release the softest fiber that lies dormant within her. “The next few weeks will be ideal for visiting family, laughing and relaxing with loved ones. With your friends and family at the forefront, it’s a time to nurture relationships. » Your private and social life overshadows potential surrounding problems. To preserve your balance, heaven advises you to “focus on the positive and on the things you love”.

Libra horoscope for the arrival of summer

What does she love more than a ray of sunshine drying her swimsuit or the mark of her necklace around her neck after a relaxing afternoon on the beach? Having the feeling of finding your balance, of course. Libra is the queen of compromises, of the happy medium, of the right dosage. “The solstice may prove more useful than expected,” promises the astrologer. For good reason, in the coming days, the sky announces to Libra “new professional successes and new opportunities” which could present themselves on its path. The astrologer still advises remaining vigilant. “Make sure you have a plan and don’t rush into it. » On the heart side too, things are swinging. The planets are picking up the pace. “This could be a great time to gain confidence and show kindness to those close to you. »Hearts come together and come together. What’s better to spend beautiful and good times?

Scorpio horoscope for the arrival of summer

After a rather intense month, the summer solstice could bring a feeling of calm and relaxation. Scorpio slows down to reconnect with gentleness. “You may find yourself on vacation, relaxed, light and calm. You may also meet new people who are interested in learning more about you, which will help you stand out from your typically small and tight-knit social group. » Translation: it’s time for Scorpio to open up a little more to others and dare to step out of their comfort zone. “With your charm, traveling and socializing might do you good. » Who knows what the future and the encounters will hold for him?

Sagittarius horoscope for the arrival of summer

Since Jupiter landed in Gemini, you have the impression that the pace has accelerated. It’s summer, the time to enjoy a series of outings and evenings to spend wonderful moments of relaxation. Sagittarius, an epicurean who stops nothing, doesn’t worry. He likes to have fun and follow his desires. This is perfect, because this is exactly how he could become even more winning than expected. “Jupiter is also a planet of wealth, so financial luck could arrive,” announces the astrologer. But it is not because the planet of expansion is on his side that everything is due to him. “The summer solstice invites you to devote time and effort to relationships and work. Don’t rely on luck. » To reap the benefits, Sagittarius will have to roll up their sleeves. Yes, nothing ever happens by chance, even in astrology!

Capricorn horoscope for the arrival of summer

The summer solstice is a great opportunity to indulge in love and romance. “You might meet someone with whom you feel a deep connection in an unexpected way,” warns the astrologer. Capricorn, who is not the flirtatious type, could well indulge in the game of love and chance. “On June 22, there will be a Full Moon in Capricorn, nicknamed the Strawberry Moon, so make sure you have a list or plan ready so your desires can come true. » The sky is sending a strong signal to the newest Earth sign: it’s his time to shine. To him the glory and the surprises. “Trust yourself. » The start of summer promises to be particularly interesting for Capricorn in terms of achievement, commitment and concretization.

Aquarius horoscope for the arrival of summer

June is a great time for Aquarius. He takes advantage of the benevolent energies sent to him by the sky to count on a more relaxed pace of life. “This is the perfect time to do things at your own pace and focus on you,” encourages the astrologer. His person and his desires come to the fore. This is perfect since the arrival of summer encourages him to focus on himself and his well-being. “You can choose to take advantage of the solstice to work out, go for walks, or just get some fresh air. Take some time for yourself ! ” The message is clear.

Pisces horoscope for the arrival of summer

With the planets returning to Cancer, a friendly sign, you feel in your element. The opportunity to let the heart and feelings speak a little more. “Your charisma is at its peak, so surround yourself with people who bring out your most lively and exhilarating energy,” advises the astrologer. It’s about getting together with the people you love and daring to seduce, charm and convince. This is an ideal time to relaunch dialogue. “Maybe it’s also time to express yourself creatively. » Pisces should not hesitate for a single second to embark on an artistic project or to develop a passion that drives them. Enough to make him a “rock star” before fall!



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