Elite 1 – Joseph Thérond: “Need to go see something else and challenge myself” – Rugby League

Joseph Thérond, new player from XIII Limouxin, looks back on all his years at TO XIII and talks about his objectives with the Grizzlies.

Joseph, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Joseph Thérond and I was a player for Toulouse Olympique from the age of 13 to the age of 25.

After all your years at TO, why leave this club for Limoux?

After 7 years with the TO Elite team, I felt the need to look at something else and challenge myself in one of the best teams in the championship.

What are your best memories at TO?

I have a lot of them, from the cadet finals, to my first match with the professional team when we won at Leigh in the Championship with extraordinary players.

Who are your coaches, players, educators who have had an impact on you during your long career at TO or Plaisance?

I remember all my teammates and all the educators and coaches I had who taught me a lot. My first educator Françoise Vincent, the duo Julien Lehuby and Fred Falba as cadets who were able to create an extraordinary group with whom I spent one of my best years of rugby and also Rachid Amraoui who trained me with all his demands and his passion. I thank all the coaches and managers I have worked with, they have all given me a lot.

What are your goals in Limoux?

My objective is firstly to integrate well into this group, and obviously to win as many matches as possible.

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