Stabbing attack in Metz: drug trafficking, settling of scores, victims… what we know about the attack

Stabbing attack in Metz: drug trafficking, settling of scores, victims… what we know about the attack
Stabbing attack in Metz: drug trafficking, settling of scores, victims… what we know about the attack

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A stabbing attack took place this Monday, June 17, in Metz. At present, the perpetrator(s) are still being sought, here is what we know.

What do we know about the attack which took place this Monday morning in Metz? La Dépêche du Midi make the point.

What happened ?

Shortly before 11 a.m. this Monday morning, a stabbing attack occurred near a supermarket in the Borny district of Metz, according to Le Republican Lorraine. “I saw injured people, people hitting each other, and someone running with an ax after a car. They were young people. Afterwards, the police and firefighters arrived, but I don’t know more “It’s undoubtedly score-settling. There is drug trafficking here, even if during the day, we don’t see much,” a speech therapist working near the supermarket told AFP.

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Who are the victims ?

Firefighters said they treated four people with stabbing injuries. They were taken to Mercy hospital in Metz. Among them, one person was slightly injured. Another injured person made his own way to the hospital. The victims are men aged around 30, firefighters said. The latter deployed four ambulances and around fifteen men to the scene of the attack. The Lorraine Republican specifies that the vital prognosis of one of the victims would be compromised.

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Who are the attackers?

It is currently unknown whether the attacker was alone or whether several people attacked this group of young men in Metz. The person(s) responsible managed to flee after the attack and are actively being sought.

Where is the investigation?

The terrorist hypothesis is excluded at this stage, told AFP the public prosecutor of Metz, Yves Badorc, who was unable to provide any other information immediately. The trail of settling scores, against a backdrop of drug trafficking, could be credible. Marie, a nurse whose practice is located nearby, who did not wish to give her last name, spoke of tensions in the neighborhood. “There is insecurity, there is drug trafficking, it is known, we are not safe at all. A few months ago a 17-year-old boy was shot right outside side, boulevard d’Alsace, the parallel street. There are palpable tensions between clans,” she told AFP. “What happened this morning, according to a neighbor, is in relation to the mini-market, a clan wants it back,” she added.

The supermarket, the object of desire of drug traffickers?

“The mini-market is the object of desire given its location, it is located in a very busy place, it is well placed, whether for legal or illegal trade,” explained this police source. “Fights regularly recur to control the street or the neighborhood.” This Monday, at midday, a security perimeter was set up in the neighborhood. “I couldn’t work, people weren’t allowed to enter the building,” explained a speech therapist who works nearby and wished to remain anonymous.



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