the voluntary origin would not be in doubt

The Notre-Dame de Délivrance basilica in Quintin, located in Côtes-d’Armor, was the target of an attempted arson, leaving the local population in shock while acts of Christianophobia have increased in recent times. years in Brittany.

The firefighters intervened in time on Thursday June 13 in the early evening. Around 7:30 p.m., the church sacristan went to the site to close the building and noticed a fire starting, before immediately raising the alarm.

The firefighters arrived shortly after, thus preventing the worst at the Notre-Dame de Délivrance basilica.

As for the origin of the disaster, its voluntary nature is in no doubt for the parish priest of Quintin, Serge Kougnandé. From the newspaper West France, the latter confided that “the fire specialists showed us that the fire was the result of a voluntary act and that if help had arrived half an hour later, it would have been chaos. The basilica is said to have caught fire. »

To try to elucidate this attempted fire, a gendarmerie investigation was opened and then entrusted to the Quintin brigade. Criminal identification gendarmes were dispatched to the site to carry out the first investigations at dawn on June 14. At the same time, grilles were placed around the disaster in the basilica.

To the complaint of priest Serge Kougnandé was added that of Nicolas Carro, mayor of Quintin. According to the same press source, the councilor “condemned this unacceptable act in the strongest possible terms”. Furthermore adding that “it is not a fire of electrical origin, that has also been demonstrated. »

More precisely, it was the voting booth, located to the left of the main entrance to the basilica, which was partly destroyed by the flames.

Source: Le Penthièvre

From the newspaper Penthièvre, the mayor of Quintin let his anger explode: “We were lucky, within half an hour it could have been much worse. Attacking such a building, which is both a public good and a cultural place, is lamentable.”

Finally, as recalled by the Breton Catholic blog Ar Gedour, the Notre-Dame de Délivrance basilica contains the relic of the belt of the Virgin Mary, brought back from the 7e crusade by Geoffroy Boterel.

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