Welcome to the NASA of low-tech! · Registration · 06/19/2024

Welcome to the NASA of low-tech! · Registration · 06/19/2024
Welcome to the NASA of low-tech! · Registration · 06/19/2024

Find a lifestyle that is both desirable and sustainable? This is the challenge taken up by Corentin De Chatelperron and his team. Their new adventure: a biosphere in an urban environment.

After exploring and documenting low-tech around the world, Corentin De Chatelperron had the idea of ​​bringing together these inventions in a unique space: the low-tech biosphere. As a “lifestyle explorer,” his quest is to find a way of life that is both desirable and sustainable. Two four-month Biosphere experiences have already taken place: one on a floating platform in Thailand and the other in the desert of Baja California.

This year, Corentin’s team is taking on a new challenge: installing a biosphere in a dense urban environment in the Paris region. Their goal is to design a waste-free lifestyle, reducing water consumption by ten times, meeting the UN’s 2050 targets for greenhouse gas emissions, while remaining desirable and accessible to all.

At the heart of the experience, a futuristic low-tech apartment is part of an ecosystem of citizens specialized in various fields: breeding of larvae for the recycling of organic waste, cultivation of mushrooms and young shoots for food, production of biogas for cooking, useful fitness room, etc. Come to Gaîté Lyrique to discover behind the scenes of this collective adventure!

In the presence of the team:
  • Corentin de Chatelperrona 40-year-old engineer, created the Low-tech Lab after designing a composite material in Bangladesh.
  • Caroline Pultz, a 30-year-old interior designer, explores ecological alternatives such as mycelium. Together, they carried out low-tech experiments in arid and urban environments, promoting environmentally friendly lifestyles.
  • Emma Bousquet-Pasturel coordinates the network of participants and the participatory science program open to France and elsewhere.
And the network of Urban Biosphere stakeholders:
  • Speedwell (Holi restaurant), Restaurateur in Boulogne-Billancourt, offers bio-responsible vegetarian cuisine. It participates in the project by providing cooked cereals and legumes to reduce energy consumption in domestic cooking.
  • Julian (Plant seedlings), Grower of young shoots in his apartment, Julien integrates part of his production into the bioponics system of Corentin and Caroline’s laboratory apartment.
  • Virginia (Culture of oyster mushrooms), Producer of oyster mushrooms, she runs workshops at the Maison de la Planète to make ready-to-grow oyster mushroom cultivation kits.


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