Attal relies on Mbappé and justifies its strategy

Attal relies on Mbappé and justifies its strategy
Attal relies on Mbappé and justifies its strategy

After Kylian Mbappé’s call to vote against the “extremes” who are “at the gates of power”, Gabriel Attal estimated this Monday on RTL that the footballer was “in his role”. He also returned to the majority’s choice not to present candidates in all the constituencies.

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  • The 2024 legislative elections will take place on June 30 and July 7. Parties had until Sunday June 16 at 6 p.m. to submit applications. This Monday, June 17 marks the start of the official campaign, which will end on June 28. The French favor the National Rally (33%) in the first round of voting, according to an Opinionway poll for The echoes. The far-right party comes ahead of the New Popular Front (25%) and the presidential majority (20%).
  • During a press conference on Sunday, Kylian Mbappé called “all young people to vote”, while “the extremes are at the gates of power”. Asked about this statement during an interview this Monday on RTLGabriel Attal indicated: “Young people who speak to young people, who are models for them, are in their role when they call on them to fulfill a civic duty, which is that of voting.”
  • The Prime Minister also said RTL that the presidential majority does not present candidates in around “sixty” constituencies. Constituencies “where we know that it would not be our candidates who would be best placed to avoid the victory of the extremes, and in these cases, we support another candidate,” he explained.
  • The Republicans (LR) continue to be divided on the strategy to adopt in these 2024 legislative elections, while Eric Ciotti managed to have his exclusion from the party invalidated in court. The president of LR and his supporters within the party, supporters of an alliance with the RN, announced on Sunday that at least “62 applications” for this union of the rights had been submitted. For their part, opponents of this alliance at LR announced the nomination of “nearly 400 candidates”.
  • The Socialist Party, the Communist Party, the Ecologists and La France insoumise will be united under the banner of the New Popular Front for these legislative elections. If figures from the left are already in the running, including François Hollande, this will not be the case of the outgoing environmentalist deputy Julien Bayou, under a complaint for moral harassment, nor of Alexis Corbière or Raquel Garrido, in bickering with Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Convicted of domestic violence, the rebellious Adrien Quatennens gave up his candidacy in the North.


10:52 – The French “will vote as they wish”: Chenu responds to Mbappé’s call

Guest this Monday on France Inter, RN spokesperson Sébastien Chenu returned to Kylian Mbappé’s call to vote against “the extremes”. “When we have the chance, the honor of wearing the French team jersey, we must have restraint,” he said. “I am not waiting for people disconnected from reality to lecture the French, who will vote as they wish,” he continued.

10:40 – Not presenting candidates everywhere is not “giving up on winning”, assures Edouard Philippe

While Gabriel Attal indicated this Monday on RTLthat the presidential majority does not present candidates in around “sixty” constituencies, Edouard Philippe affirmed that “this is not at all giving up on winning”, the same morning on BFMTV/RMC. The former Prime Minister justified this absence of candidates by the fact that “there are around sixty constituencies where the electoral results or the local political situation suggest that there is a candidate from the central bloc who has more chances to win than a candidate from the old majority”. Edouard Philippe called on voters to “always choose the most Republican and the most Democratic candidate”.

08:59 – “Absolute amateurism”: Gabriel Attal criticizes Jordan Bardella’s sidestep on pensions

Guest this Monday on RTL, the outgoing Prime Minister did not fail to criticize Jordan Bardella’s change of position on the subject of pension reform. The president of the RN has in fact returned to the repeal of the pension reform in the event of victory in the legislative elections, which his party requested after its adoption. According to Gabriel Attal, this constitutes proof of the “absolute amateurism” of the far-right party. “It shows that these are the first politicians to betray their voters even before being elected. And we are serious, we are credible,” he said.

08:41 – Eric Dupond-Moretti denies the majority’s support for Damien Abad

Guest on France 2 this Monday, the Minister of Justice affirmed that Damien Abad “was not invested” by the presidential majority. “He is not our candidate,” he added, while the former Minister of Solidarity assured the AFP that he had the support of the majority. Indicted for attempted rape, Damien Abad is a candidate for re-election in Ain.

06:58 – The LR opposed to the alliance with the RN have invested “nearly 400 candidates”

The president of the National Investigative Commission (CNI) of LR, Michèle Tabarot, and the party’s vice-presidents Patrick Hetzel, Roger Karoutchi and Nadine Morano announced, in a press release published on Sunday, the investiture of “nearly 400 candidates” under the banner of the Republicans. These candidates, who refuse the alliance with the RN, will be present in “93 departments and in the constituencies of French people abroad”.

06:45 – The LR pro-alliance with the RN will present at least 62 candidates

In a press release published on Sunday, Eric Ciotti and his supporters among the Republicans, in favor of an alliance with the RN for the legislative elections, announced the submission of at least “62 applications” for this “rally of the rights”. “Other names will be announced in the coming hours,” the statement said.

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Emmanuel Macron announced the dissolution of the National Assembly only a few minutes after the announcement of the first estimates of the results of the European elections on Sunday June 9. A “serious, heavy” decision taken in view of the overwhelming victory of the National Rally in the European vote. “I trust the French people to make the fairest choice for themselves and for future generations. I have heard your message, your concerns, and I will not leave them unanswered,” declared the president of the Republic. By this decision, and the appeal to article 12 of the Constitution of the 5th Republic, Emmanuel Macron de facto recorded the organization of early legislative elections aimed at composing a new National Assembly.

The French will therefore be called to vote in new elections which will arrive quickly, very quickly since the Constitution provides for new elections within 20 to 40 days following the dissolution. Emmanuel Macron has already set the dates for the election: the first round of the 2024 legislative elections will be held on Sunday June 30, followed by the second round a week later on Sunday July 7, 2024. That is to say less than three weeks after the announcement by the head of the state. Why so early ? Well because within the time limit provided for by the Constitution, the agenda for the coming months is busy, particularly with the start of the Olympic Games and the summer period and school holidays following, which limited the options for organizing the ballots.

The day after the announcement on the dissolution of the National Assembly and the organization of legislative elections, the different parties entered into campaigning, which will be express with barely three weeks between the announcement and the polls. The first key step is that of submitting applications, the deadline for which is Friday June 14, to allow the official campaign to begin on Monday June 17 and respect the two weeks of campaigning before an election.

It is time for negotiations before the launch of the official campaign. The left was the first to call for a union and even the formation of a “new popular front” from June 10. After meetings and several days of discussions, the four left-wing forces announced that they had reached an “agreement in principle” on the distribution of the 577 constituencies with a view to the legislative elections to present a single candidate in the first round. According to this agreement LFI will present 229 candidates, the PS will have 175, EELV will have 92 and the PCF will have 50. “The essential work on the program is still under discussion”, according to the socialists who affirm that it is not there will be “no concession on our values”.

On the right, alliances are also being discussed, but they are creating a stir. The president of the Les Républicains party proposed an alliance with the National Rally which showed itself inclined to a rapprochement. But that was without taking into account the majority of LR members who oppose the alliance and demand the dismissal of Eric Ciotti. The Zemmourist Reconquest party also tried to get closer to the RN via Marion Maréchal, but the Lepéniste party refused an alliance for fear that the more radical ideas of the Zemmourist would harm it.

Faced with these two alliances in formation, the presidential majority reacts. Emmanuel Macron seeks to expand his majority to the forces he considers to be part of the Republican arc, notably the socialist left and the Republican right. Above all, he castigated the extreme left and the extreme right and denounced “unnatural” alliances.

The first polls on the results of the 2024 legislative elections began to be published the day after the announcement of the dissolution of the National Assembly. Studies currently give the advantage to the National Rally with more than 30% of voting intentions. The Union of the Left comes next in second position with a little over 20% and the presidential majority is only given in third position below the 20% mark. The same studies therefore logically grant more seats to the RN.

According to the Elabe study for BFMTV and La Tribune Sunday June 12, the RN would become the majority group with 220 and 270 seats (compared to 89 currently). The left alliance would form the second force with 150 to 190 seats (compared to 153) and the presidential majority group would lose power with 90 to 130 seats (compared to 249). The Republicans would increase to 30 or 40 seats (compared to 74).



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