the attackers were neutralized

the attackers were neutralized
the attackers were neutralized

The two guards, taken hostage in a Russian prison in the Rostov region, by members of the jihadist organization Islamic State, were released unharmed and the attackers neutralized. This is what the Russian penitentiary services indicate in a press release, reports AFP this Sunday June 16.

Two prison officers taken hostage

“During a special operation […] the criminals were liquidated and the employees who were taken hostage were released and were not harmed”specifies the press release from the prison services.

Two prison officers were taken hostage by members of the Islamic State (IS) in a detention center in the Rostov region in southern Russia. Negotiations on their release had been initiated.

According to a source within the police interviewed by the state agency TASS, members of ISIS who were to appear in court on charges of “terrorism” were among the hostage-takers.

Previous attacks

Russia has been targeted on multiple occasions by attacks and attacks claimed by the jihadist organization.

On March 22, gunmen opened fire in a concert hall near Moscow, killing at least 144 people and injuring hundreds. It was the deadliest attack on Russian soil since 2004.

More than 20 people have since been arrested, including the four suspected attackers, all from Tajikistan, a former Soviet republic in Central Asia neighboring Afghanistan.

The attack was quickly claimed by the Islamic State organization.



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