Millau. Lilian Bathelot receives the Robin Cook prize at the Polar, Wine and Company Festival

Aveyron author Lilian Bathelot received the Robin Cook prize from the Polar, Vin et Compagnie 2024 festival, awarded unanimously by readers and the jury for her novel “Geronimo et moi”, Éditions 10-18. A double accolade that the Aveyron author rightly appreciated during the official award ceremony on Saturday June 15 at the Librairie Syllabe.

It’s a great pleasure and a great honor, on the one hand because it’s a reader’s prize, people who really vote according to their taste, but also because it’s the Robin Cook prize and I I have great admiration for the author, and for the human being, he is a wonderful person », declared the author who was in competition with four other thrillers (“Les malvenus” by Audrey Brière, Éditions du Seuil, “Mai 67” by Thomas Cantaloube from Série Noire, “Panique en Armorique” by Dominique Sylvain from La Bête Noire and “Sans Colliers” by Michèle Pedinielli (Éditions de l’Aube). Many readers from participating libraries and media libraries in the department voted and the jury met to deliberate, “ not without difficulty », specify the members of the association Cape South Aveyron. Without consultation, the public and jury by majority rewarded the same author, from Aveyron to boot!


A story within history

The work published in 2023 tells a story in “History with a capital H”, that of The Paris Commune and the Indian Wars in America. “ I’m very interested in these two universes, but it was only recently that I realized that they took place at the same time. », explains Lilian Bathelot. In this book which mixes fiction and historical references, he explains “that an American researcher in ethnology, during her research in Native American reserves, is given logbooks of a woman who for 20 years wrote her story . Born in the Aubrac mountains, the young woman was hired by her parents as a servant in the café-charcoal of a local Bougnat in Paris. Heroine of the Paris Commune, she found refuge in Geronimo’s Indian troops.

Books for young people

Although in a lighter version, the Polar Wine and Company Festival was able to reinvent itself in a format different from previous editions to last. It continues to multiply its actions, this was the case with several special festival broadcasts on Radio Larzac over the months, and to offer works to crime fiction fans, even the youngest.

Thus, the students of Marcel Aymard College reading club received Laurence Biberfeld and Rachel Corenblit in May, for the presentation of their novels and the collection “ Faction, because we don’t take teenagers for idiots” in8 editions. All these works were part of the selection for the Robin Cook Youth Prize. The students finally awarded two ex-aequo prizes to “ We eat cold ” of Martin Laurent And “ Pharos ” of Sébastien Rutés.

Sylvie Martinspecifies that some of the students “ have read the entire collection, appreciated for its diversity “, but also according to young people because it does not deliver a watered-down version of reality, quite the contrary.

After an intervention at the Mésa de Millau, Lilian Bathelot officially received its prize at the Syllabe bookstore on Saturday June 15 at the end of the afternoon in association with the neighboring wine bar, so that the Festival keeps its soul.



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