Micro-sidewalk in Concarneau: what are you missing in the city center?

“There is no men’s clothing store in the city center, a young store. For men, there isn’t much, apart from tourist shops. Well, for men my age. And I would also like a store that only sells sneakers like in big cities. To get dressed, I go elsewhere: Quimper or Lorient. And then there are few activities for twenty-somethings. I practice surfing and spearfishing. Moreover, there is also a spearfishing accessories shop missing.

Michelle and Catherine, 68 and 70 years old: “A parking lot and a shoemaker”

The city center “lacks places to go out in the evening,” say Michelle and Catherine.

“There are some nice shops in Concarneau but, like in Pont-l’Abbé, there are no more original shops, with things that you don’t find in everyone else. Otherwise, apart from parking spaces, a shoemaker is missing. When you could resole your shoes in the city center, it was very practical. Now this is no longer possible. And then, there’s a lack of places to go out in the evening. Not the restaurants because there are enough of them but, when we were younger, there were a lot of nightclubs.”

Johanna, 30 years old: “A children’s clothing store”

This mother would like to find a children’s clothing store in the city center.

“I am a mother of two children and I find it a shame that there is not a children’s clothing store in the city center. There are certainly some, but you have to go outside of Concarneau and therefore take the car. It’s not practical when I have children. Otherwise, I’m quite happy with the downtown stores. There are a lot of biscuit shops but I like variety and I change addresses regularly. On the other hand, a tea room is missing but with one part for mothers and the other specially designed for children.”



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