LIVE – Legislative elections 2024: Insoumis Adrien Quatennens announces “renouncing” his candidacy

LIVE – Legislative elections 2024: Insoumis Adrien Quatennens announces “renouncing” his candidacy
LIVE – Legislative elections 2024: Insoumis Adrien Quatennens announces “renouncing” his candidacy

Two weeks before the first round of the early legislative elections, candidates from the 577 constituencies have until this Sunday evening 6 p.m. to submit their candidacy. Insoumis Adrien Quatennens has announced that he is abandoning his candidacy in the North, contested within the New Popular Front. Follow our live stream.

End of the game on the intentions of each party: candidates for the legislative elections in the 577 constituencies have until 6 p.m. Sunday to submit their declaration of candidacy to the prefecture for the first round on June 30. Dissident candidates on the left, local alliances between the right and the majority, rallying of LR to the RN… everything should be known on Sunday evening, if not necessarily clear after several days of confusion.

Information to remember:

  • Insoumis Adrien Quatennens announces “give up” his candidacy in the North
  • Candidates for the elections must submit their candidacies for the early legislative elections before this Sunday evening 6 p.m.
  • New demonstrations against the far right are organized this Sunday
  • The union of the left is already going through a crisis: LFI has decided not to reinvest several major figures of its party
  • Saturday evening, Gabriel Attal made several announcements on purchasing power

Insoumis Adrien Quatennens announces “renouncing” his candidacy

LFI deputy Adrien Quatennens announced on Sunday that he would not present his candidacy in the North, contested by his party’s partners within the New Popular Front, due to his four-month suspended prison sentence for domestic violence.

“I no longer intend for my candidacy to be used against La France insoumise and the New Popular Front to harm them at a time when all energy must be used to beat the extreme right,” he declared. in a speech to the press.

Divisions on the left

On the left, the offer has already been known since the formation of the New Popular Front which managed to agree in a few days on a program and candidates. But, the day after demonstrations against the far right which brought together according to the authorities 250,000 people throughout France, including 75,000 in Paris (Lyon demonstrated for its part on Sunday), this alliance, which brings together the anti-capitalist Philippe Poutou former President François Hollande, must still convince that it is capable of resisting the heterogeneity of its components.

In the first crisis experienced by the new alliance, LFI closed the door on Saturday to any challenge to its nomination choices after having dismissed several deputies critical of the personality and line of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, such as Danielle Simonnet, Raquel Garrido and Alexis Corbière.

Gabriel Attal makes announcements on purchasing power

At the center, after the rout of the Europeans and the “stunning” of the dissolution, the majority is trying to remobilize little by little under the leadership of Gabriel Attal.

On purchasing power, the first theme put forward by the French, the Prime Minister on Saturday promised several measures in the event of victory for the presidential camp, such as a reduction in electricity bills by 15% “from next winter” or an increase in the amount of the so-called “Macron” bonus, paid by companies to their employees.

The crisis continues among the Republicans

On the LR side, after the incredible week following the solitary choice of its president Eric Ciotti to ally with the RN, we are trying as best we can to maintain a line independent of the executive as well as the far right. But in several departments – such as that of the Prime Minister, Hauts-de-Seine – “non-aggression pacts” between the majority and the right seem de facto to be put in place, and outgoing LR deputies will be assured of being able to apply without Macronist against them.

On the far right, the closing of applications will make it possible to judge the rallies led by Eric Ciotti. If the boss of the RN Jordan Bardella announced that there would be “a common candidate” “in 70 constituencies”, the Nice resident does not seem to have succeeded in taking no national figure with him.



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