Four young people injured in a road accident in Berry-Bouy

Four young people injured in a road accident in Berry-Bouy
Four young people injured in a road accident in Berry-Bouy

A car left the road this Sunday, June 16, 2024, shortly after 6 a.m., on departmental road 60, in Berry-Bouy. Four people were injured.

The accident occurred at a place called Le Mouron, in Berry-Bouy, on the RD 60. A car left the road shortly after 6 a.m. According to initial information, the car was traveling at very high speed. The vehicle ended up in a ditch, continued its journey for around a hundred meters, before hitting a culvert. The exact circumstances of the accident are not yet known.

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Four young people, a man and three women, aged around twenty, were on board. They were rescued by a witness, a nurse, who alerted the firefighters. One of the young people was unconscious when help arrived.

Two victims got out of the car on their own. The other two had to be extricated. The four young people, seriously injured, were taken care of by the firefighters and the Samu, before being transported to the Bourges hospital center.

A doubt about the presence of a fifth victim

Nearly twenty-five firefighters were mobilized, including three members of the dog team and a drone pilot. “We have contradictory information, from victims and witnesses, on the possible presence of a fifth occupant of the car, indicates Captain Thomas Hochet, group leader. We have requested research resources to remove the doubt .” Around 9:30 a.m., the teams were still on site.

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Traffic is still disrupted on the RD 60. Teams from the Department’s road maintenance service are also on site.

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