Russia: ISIS hostage taking in prison

Russia: ISIS hostage taking in prison
Russia: ISIS hostage taking in prison

ISIS hostage taking in prison

Published today at 9:59 a.m.

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Two prison officers were taken hostage by members of the Islamic State jihadist organization in a detention center in the Rostov region in southern Russia, the prison service announced on Sunday.

“The defendants detained in one of the cells of detention center number 1 (…) for the Rostov region took two prison officers hostage,” they said in a press release. “Negotiations on the release of the hostages are underway,” they added.

According to a source within the police interviewed by the state agency TASS, members of ISIS who must appear in court on charges of “terrorism” are among the hostage-takers.

A growing threat

Russia has been targeted on multiple occasions by attacks and attacks claimed by the jihadist organization.

As a reminder, on March 22, armed men opened fire in a concert hall near Moscow, killing at least 144 people and injuring hundreds. It was the deadliest attack on Russian soil since 2004.

More than 20 people have since been arrested, including the four suspected attackers, all from Tajikistan, a former Soviet republic in Central Asia neighboring Afghanistan. The attack was quickly claimed by the Islamic State organization.


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