Formula 1 | Endurance | Why Toyota considers the WEC better than F1

Toyota is one of the manufacturers that suddenly left F1 due to the financial crisis that broke out in 2008.

The Japanese continued again during the 2009 season and had even fully developed F1 in 2018 before the headquarters in Japan decided in large numbers in 2009 to stop everything.

This immediate departure from Formula 1, 15 years later, is not regretted according to Rob Leupen, the director of the WEC team, who spoke to GPblog at Le Mans. Toyota had chosen Endurance for its return to the world championship, with great success, even if it took time to beat Audi and Porsche, especially at Le Mans.

The team has since won the 24 Hours of Le Mans six times, the constructors’ title six times and the drivers’ title five times.

Audi has chosen to come to F1 but Toyota has no plans to make a comeback.

“First you have to wait and see if you get a place. You also have to prepare for years, like Audi does. And I think we have a lot to do in the WEC. Toyota has goals to achieve in this championship rather than Formula 1.”

According to Leupen, as a brand you have to ask yourself which championship suits it best.

“What did Formula 1 bring to Toyota back then, other than a nice factory? A lot of money was spent to get the Toyota name out there. I think in the WEC we can show more about what Toyota does, what the brand stands for.”

“We have Toyota cars on the road that were originally developed for racing. Through motorsport we should be able to make better cars for our customers. We are working on cars that are jointly developed with Cologne, then the information is transmitted to Japan and the consumer in five years. In Formula 1, this bridge cannot be built anymore.

Additionally, Toyota likes the WEC as it currently stands.

“We are creating a very good series with all the manufacturers involved. I hope we can continue with the next generation of cars, where only water will come out of the exhaust (hydrogen).”



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