How Nice establishments justify the prices of the coffees they serve

How Nice establishments justify the prices of the coffees they serve
How Nice establishments justify the prices of the coffees they serve

Sun who no longer likes it too much. Want a terrace and a good juice that will transport your nostrils and taste buds with happiness. Yes, but at what price is espresso? “In Nice, the average price of espresso varies from 1.50 to 2.50 euros and this range is quite stable”summarizes Tom Wander, administrator of Umih, responsible for two brands near Place Masséna, Le Bistrot Gourmand and Café Noir.

Between a coffee that you can still find for 1.20 euros in Riquier, biscuit included, and one charged for more than 3 euros with macaron, mini chocolate mousse…on certain beaches of the Promenade des Anglais, the difference is sometimes full-bodied. It is justified by several criteria. “Rents specific to neighborhoods, charges, salaries, increasing products, variable services”: this is what we find in bulk in the grind. Obviously, there is the type of establishment, the setting. Tom Wander talks about his personal case: “At Café Noir, the espresso, with biscuit, costs 2 euros. At Bistrot Gourmand, we charge 3.20 euros for it, but there is blown glass from a regional artisan, homemade sweets made every day sometimes with expensive ingredients, the silver spoon.”

Arabica or robusta?

Obviously, the choice of coffee also plays a role. “It all depends on whether we take pure arabica, the finest and most expensive, or robusta. In three years, the price of coffee has increased between 3 and 5 euros per kilo. Because of the stock market price. “I expect robusta to climb this year and inevitably, arabica will follow suit.”

The coffee machine? It is also taken into account in the addition. “It can be made available free of charge by the supplier, it can be rented, but the restaurateur or cafe owner can buy it. Roughly speaking, between 1,000 and 10,000 euros depending on the model.” Afterwards, you have to amortize it.

Still about the coffee machine, “this is the station that consumes the most electricity. In principle, we never turn it off, because if we turn it back on every morning, it takes too long to heat up. More and more devices go into standby mode However, the electricity price has increased dramatically. I paid 19,000 euros in four months, which is double what it was before the increase.

More expensive at certain times, yes, subject to readability

The price of the juice is free. And with variable geometry. This means that it can be modulated according to different times of the day.

“Me, admits Tom Wander, At 4 p.m., I stop drinking hot drinks.” Conversely, an establishment on the Promenade des Anglais displays on an exterior slate: “Increase of 1 euro on hot drinks from 6 p.m..”

It’s legal. Just like the cafe owner who triples or even quadruples the price of coffee in the evening. “As long as it is displayed and visible, we can charge coffee at any price. Changing prices during the day is a choice, a selection, because drinking an espresso and occupying a table for an hour, or even “Moreover, it can be complicated, especially in a period when there are a lot of tourists.”

Three sectors of the city in the Euro mill

The least expensive coffee, we found on rue Bonaparte, where Per Lei serves it, at the counter, for 1 euro. In Riquier, it is served for 1.20 euros with a wrapped biscuit.

Place Saint-Roch, we have an average price of 1.50 euros, again, served with a sweet touch.

On the old town side, espresso costs between 1.50 euros and 2 euros. The most common price: 1.70 or 1.80 euros. The most expensive espresso is not always served with a sweet.

And on the Promenade des Anglais? Prices vary, but more or less, between 1.90 euros and 2.50 euros. Most of the time, the cup supports a cuteness.

As for the beaches, it costs on average 3 euros per coffee. Expensive and not always tasty, but the standing claimed by the establishments, the view of the deep blue and the song of the foam on the rolling pebbles are well worth a slightly steeper bill.



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