PSG loses Kylian Mbappé, but earns a fine from the labor inspectorate!

PSG loses Kylian Mbappé, but earns a fine from the labor inspectorate!
PSG loses Kylian Mbappé, but earns a fine from the labor inspectorate!

The Team reveals that the Paris-Saint-Germain (PSG) football club has been fined several million euros by the labor inspectorate for failure to respect gender equality until 2023.

Remember that the so-called “professional future” law of September 5, 2018 established a professional equality index. We briefly summarize what can be called a real gas plant.

The index works according to five indicators:

  • The gender pay gap by age group and by category of equivalent positions;
  • The difference in the rate of individual salary increase excluding promotion;
  • The gap in the promotion rate between men and women;
  • The percentage of employees who received an increase in the year of their return from maternity leave, if increases occurred during this period;
  • The number of employees of the under-represented sex among the 10 employees having received the highest remuneration.

Are you still following? Each indicator is assigned a certain number of points within the respective limits of 40, 20, 15, 15 and 10 points. Simple, right? If you do not obtain at least 75 points out of 100, you risk penalties of 1% of salaries, which can be considerable, especially during periods of reduction in television rights.

PSG pleaded good faith and the fact that it had respected the law since the 2023-2024 season. Did he not recruit a director, rather than a director, of human resources?…

Other clubs are currently the subject of an investigation by the labor inspectorate and they are hardly reassured. The union of professional clubs, Foot Unis, pleads the specificity of the sector and the absolute impossibility of respecting the criterion of the representation of women in the 10 highest salaries, namely players.

The next step, wanted by some feminists and by… the first interested parties, certain players, would be real equality of salaries between footballers and women footballers. However, salaries depend on advertising revenue and television rights, and, no offense to anyone, women’s football is not profitable.

Once again, the State intervenes abusively in the life of businesses, moreover through Kafkaesque regulations, instead of focusing on its real functions of protecting the internal and external security of the territory.



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