United States: Trump assures that he is not “racist” because he has many “black friends”

Republican Donald Trump, candidate for the November presidential election, defended himself from being “racist” in an interview broadcast on Friday, claiming to have a lot of “black friends”.

“I have so many black friends that if I were racist, they would not be my friends,” the former president told the Semafor media outlet. “They wouldn’t stay with me for two minutes if they thought I was racist – and I’m not!” he exclaimed. Donald Trump has more than once suffered volleys of criticism for comments deemed racist, by both Democrats and Republicans, towards African-Americans.

At the end of February, he insinuated that his legal troubles made him a candidate more sympathetic to black voters. “A lot of people say that black people like me because they have suffered so much and been discriminated against and they see me as someone who has been discriminated against,” he said.

Donald Trump also said about his now famous mugshot: “You know who adopted it more than anyone else? The black population is incredible.” So many comments which have been criticized as unwelcome comparisons between African-Americans and crime.

THE Democratic President Joe BidenDonald Trump’s rival in the November election, then described these comments as “racist”.

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