It’s World Blood Donor Day!

It’s World Blood Donor Day!
It’s World Blood Donor Day!

A Friday like any other at the Red Cross center in Mons. On this World Day, appointments are full and it’s not the little extra attention that changes the situation.

There are certain centers, mainly in Hainaut, which have decided to give away hot dogs on the occasion of World Day. It is a different element that replaces the usual snack » says Thomas Paulus, spokesperson for the blood service at the Belgian Red Cross.

For Nathalie, this little attention came at the right time, but that’s not what motivated her, far from it.

“II have been a donor for around twenty years and I was called last week to find out if I could donate platelets because they were in short supply, that’s why I am here today » underlines Nathalie Di Nunzio, donor.

Platelet donations are special, they are not part of the main campaigns. Today, it is on donations of plasma, another element of blood, that the Red Cross places particular emphasis.

Plasma is mainly used to carry out treatments which can only be carried out using plasma, for example for people with a primary immune deficiency. We are increasingly diagnosing this deficiency and therefore we need to collect more and more plasma to be able to treat these patients. »

This plasma donation takes longer than a blood donation, but for this student it is not a problem.

” That takes 40 minutes and then I have an exam on Wednesday! Obviously I optimize the time like that it also takes up time because it’s quite long » smiles Zoé Van Eechaute, donor.

In addition to these platelet and plasma donors, the Red Cross is also looking for people with specific blood groups.

We launched a campaign aimed at people who come from sub-Saharan Africa and Afro-descendants because a disease, sickle cell anemia, particularly affects these people. They need extremely regular transfusions, but 60% of this population has a specific blood group that is only found in 2% of the Caucasian population. » explains Thomas Paulus.

It is therefore important that many donors offer their blood to have a greater chance of finding all existing blood types. Blood donation is a gift of life to be given all year round.



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