Accident in Trois-Fontaines l’Abbaye: two injured

MISCELLANEOUS FACTS. An accident between a truck and a light vehicle left two people injured on Friday June 14 at 9 a.m. in Trois-Fontaines l’Abbaye.

The condition of the SUV, an Audi Q5, suggested the worst. Fortunately, the accident which occurred on Friday June 14 at 9 a.m. on Departmental Road 16, near the entrance to the town of Trois-Fontaines l’Abbaye (Marne), only resulted in relatively minor injuries. “No vital prognosis is involved,” quickly reassured Lieutenant Paul-Jacques Giraud, from the Vitry-le-François barracks, who directed the rescue operations.

Wet road

The accident occurred on the descent of the D 16, in the direction Cheminon – Saint-Dizier, just before the intersection with the D16 E which corresponds to the entrance to the village of Trois-Fontaines. The driver of a heavy goods vehicle registered in Belgium, aged around forty and of Romanian nationality, was traveling in this direction of traffic when he braked on the descent and slipped on the wet road. He then overflowed onto the left lane, from where a 45-year-old woman arrived, alone on board the Q5. The head-on collision was inevitable; both vehicles ended up on the side of the road.

Very quickly, firefighters from Vitry-le-François (an ambulance and a ton pump van, finally disengaged) and from Saint-Dizier (an ambulance and a road emergency vehicle) took care of the victims. For their part, the Sermaize-les-Bains gendarmes carried out the usual reports and regulated traffic on either side of the accident, with the assistance, at the start of the intervention, of agents from the National Forestry Office, also easily recognizable by motorists.

The injured were taken to the Saint-Dizier hospital center.


  • Both vehicles ended up on the side of the road.


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