DIRECT. Assassination attempt in Nîmes: the trial resumes, one of the accused fled in the night

DIRECT. Assassination attempt in Nîmes: the trial resumes, one of the accused fled in the night
DIRECT. Assassination attempt in Nîmes: the trial resumes, one of the accused fled in the night

Follow live the fifth day of the trial at the Assizes du Gard of Richard Perez, the Nîmes businessman, nicknamed “The king of trash cans”. He is accused of having wanted to eliminate a rival with the help of several convicts, on February 23, 2013 in Nîmes. That evening, a police officer was also targeted by several shotgun shots upon arriving at the scene of the ambush. The five accused, who appear free, deny any involvement in this project. They risk life imprisonment. Verdict this Friday, late.

The trial of Richard Perez, 60, Robert Alouache, 51, Hakim Mammad, 51, Jean-Baptiste Belliure, 65, and Djemel Khadir, a 43-year-old from Nîmes, who are accused of an attempted of assassination, committed in Nîmes on February 23, 2023 continues this Wednesday, June 12 before the Gard Assize Court.

After the surprise confession on Thursday of one of the accused, the day will be devoted to the indictment and the pleadings of the civil party and the defense. The verdict is expected late this Friday evening. Follow the main highlights of this hearing throughout this week.

– 9:30 a.m.: The indictment of Attorney General Bertrand Baboulenne

Attorney General Bertrand Baboulenne takes the floor for his indictment.

Here we are at the end of these debates, rich and surprising, with revelations from Mammad, today the absence of Mr. Belliure who signs an admission of helplessness in the face of the elements of the procedure. He understood when he heard the expert.”

“OI heard people on the stand who supported elements with great conviction. When we look at the objective elements, we have findings, investigative work. There is no such thing as perfect in an investigation. The police carried out necessary and useful investigations.”

We started with the personality of the accused. Five people, four of whom have similar profiles, already before the criminal court, who belong to the world of serious crime. And one that doesn’t have the stature of the others.”

“They refer to the law of the strongest, to a code of honor and to a relationship of loyalty that they maintain towards each other; you have heard them say he is my brother, my brother in arms, my brother at heart, and this logic is that the end justifies the means. They put themselves outside the law, assumed it and still assume it.

“These are people who live dangerously, who have relationships with other criminal groups and all of this is a very fragile balance, which involves agreements, which are sometimes broken, and from there, it’s war .”

“They barely communicate in the traditional way. Very short text messages. None of the style you exchange with your loved ones. To prevent what they all fear, surveillance and eavesdropping.”

“But I reassure them they are not tapped all the time, at the time of the events neither Mr. Perez nor Mr. Alouache were tapped.”

“When these people send SMS, they are SMS that we do not send lightly, or we do not choose the wrong person.”

“Some explained that they had reintegrated, and that there was a form of redemption.”

“Redemption is perhaps too strong or a romantic term. I think that big crooks can change their lives, calm down, have a form of less violent relationship with society, when they have aged and seen where the path to violence was leading them.”

“These are people, and I am thinking of Messrs. Perez and Alouache, who are capable of working. This case judged eleven years later annoys them a lot, because they know very well what is at stake for them, the risk of returning to this world that they tried as best they could to leave.”

“In 2013 we were closer to their parole and the world they lived in than we are today. This file is old. For them in their environment they have moved on to something else, they would not want to hear about it anymore.”

This community does not like the police and justice meddling in their affairs. It’s a case that comes back like a boomerang.”

“Even if it is an old case, I would like to have a word for the police officer. For him it is a trauma which will remain all his life, he was confronted with death in the face, he asked himself if he was going to die, he thought about the child he had just had. He doesn’t get paid to shoot people or get shot and killed.”

“Today we owe him fair, severe justice, commensurate with what he suffered.”

Only one positive note: no one was injured, but it’s not thanks to the criminal who shot.”

“The defense wanted to put forward leads. The apotheosis of these revelations was the hearing of Mammad, who told us that he was there to carry out a police robbery. It’s a shame that the SRPJ police officer was not there , I think he would have laughed a lot.”

“These are revelations from the audience, from strategy, to take everything upon himself and exonerate the other accused. There is a logic, it is a sacrificial declaration because it is he who made the mistake, it is he who made it possible to get back on Perez and Alouache, so he must take responsibility.”

These are vain and hollow revelations, we already know that he stole the car, that he was on the scene with a second individual. What else does he say? It’s ridiculous, this kind of revelation.”

“These revelations harm the accused more than they help them.”

“These revelations are full of implausibilities, he says he stayed near the Megane but the police saw him on the same route.”

“These other leads and revelations are a smokescreen to hide the true elements of this case.”

– 9:10 a.m.: Me Valérie Fabre-Devèze, civil party for the targeted police officer

Me Valérie Fabre-Devèze begins her pleading.

“OYou are calling it a police conspiracy, a miscarriage of justice, but my client is a police officer who was shot in cold blood, and he intends to demonstrate that he did not make up, that he is not the author or accomplice of a police plot, for him it is very important, he has been waiting for the truth to come to light for eleven years.”

“It is indeed Mr. Belliure who was there on the day of the incident and it is indeed he who tried to kill my client. We found his DNA on the handgun, the expert tells you that he is very little concentrated and mixed with that of Mr. Mammad. But it is also found on the shotgun, a lethal weapon that does a lot of damage.”

“His DNA was also found on the passenger door of the vehicle found by the police.”

3This point is fundamental, the vehicle was stolen the day before the events, Mr. Belliure was not able to get into it beforehand, and it was subsequently sealed. If Belliure did not go up there that evening, his DNA cannot be found there.”

That night “The whole attitude of the criminal shows that he is someone who has great self-control.he eyes are the mirror of the soul. If Elsa’s eyes made Aragon dream, those of Belliure gave the policeman nightmares. He kept this dark and determined look in his memory, it’s something we don’t forget.”

You are dealing with an experienced official who knows the damage a shotgun can do. At the distance they were, even the pellets would have gone right through him. He sees this look which says that at no cost will he allow himself to be challenged.”

“When I hear about a police conspiracy, it tears my heart. I have defended the police for years, if it was a Rambo, he could perfectly well shoot immediately he was in self-defense, he does not do it because there is no security for third parties, there are residents passing by and returning home and they risk being injured.”

“He makes the decision not to shoot because he is a man of honor.”

“When he is confronted by Mr. Belliure in the investigating judge’s office he says yes, it is indeed that look that I saw that evening. What I would like you to remember is that my client did not look for a culprit. It was easy to say that it was the one. suspect arrested by his colleagues, to say he’s my gunslinger. He is not looking for a culprit, but for the culprit, the one responsible for shooting him.”

“The police are looking for the truth, they are not trying to build a case to bring someone down. I think some people have seen too many American films.”

-9 a.m.: the hearing resumes, Jean-Baptiste Belliure has fled

The hearing resumes for the fifth and final day of this trial. The president, who received a few moments earlier Me François Bermond and Me Grégoire Mercier, Jean-Baptiste Belliure’s lawyers, announces the news:

“There is one accused missing, Mr. Belliure is missing and obviously there is no point in waiting for him, as he attended the entirety of the proceedings the decision will be contradictory.” The court is not issuing an arrest warrant for the moment and will wait until the judgment of the Assize Court is pronounced this evening.

Aged 65, from Agde, Jean-Baptiste Belliure has already been convicted twice in the Assize Court for robberies. His DNA was found on the shotgun used to open fire on the Bac police officer and on the stolen car used on the evening of February 23, 2013 near the Valvert residence. Yesterday at the hearing he explained that this was a “cop plot” to justify the presence of his DNA on these pieces of evidence.



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