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Created in 2020, the Unbottled brand has quickly become essential or almost essential in the bathroom. Especially for those looking to go zero waste.

Specializing in solid cosmetics, this young company has opened its first stores to reach a wider audience. Should we push the doors open? What are these beauty products worth for the whole family? We give you our opinion on Unbottled treatments.

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The story of the Unbottled brand

Plastic is not fantastic. Not when it’s omnipresent in the bathroom. And it is precisely to get rid of it or, at least, reduce its use that Sarah Pouchet and Benjamin Legros decided to create their cosmetics brand in 2020. And since the objective is to “free yourself from all unnecessary plastic packaging” and in particular the bottles, its name is obvious: Unbottled.

After starting her career with houses such as L’Occitane or Estée Lauder, Sarah Pouchet took advantage of her experience to imagine a range of quality solid cosmetics, likely to appeal to as many people as possible. Unbottled’s approach does not stop at eliminating plastic: the products must be made in Francethis is why the brand is getting closer to perfumers from Grasse, in particular.

Distributed exclusively online at first, solid shampoos and soaps quickly found their audience. The brand highlights a 100% natural composition (even if the use of Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate or SCI has been controversial for some time), recycled and recyclable packaging and excellent overall ratings on an app like Yuka.

The appearance of Sarah Pouchet and Benjamin Legros on the M6 ​​show Who wants to be my partner gives Unbottled a new spotlight in 2022. And if the two creators refuse the offer made to them, their products are eye-catching of Sephora, which results in a partnership allowing a presence in more than 900 points of sale in Europe! This development results in the opening of a first store in Paris, then a second, before inaugurating new points of sale in France (Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Lille, etc.).

Sarah Pouchet, Unbottled founder

Our opinion on Unbottled

Like 900.care, Respire or even Horace (in a slightly different register), Unbottled is one of these new cosmetic brands which seem to have found the right ingredients to appeal to the new generation. That of “committed” consumers who pay attention to the products they use every day in their bathroom, both for the good of their skin and that of the planet.

Above all, beyond the nice words, Unbottled products do what is asked of them: they are effective and pleasant to use and are likely to meet all the needs of men and women. All with very reasonable prices: €11 for solid shampoo, less than €10 for shower gel without bottle, with a sliding scale price policy.



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