The moving reunion between Noa Argamani and Ditsa Or

Ditsa Or, the mother of Avinatan, kidnapped on October 7 with his partner Noa Argamani, visited the latter today (Friday).

The two women were very moved to meet again. Avinatan was filmed with Noa, when the terrorists kidnapped them. She was on a scooter taken by the terrorists, he followed her, held by other terrorists.

Noa was freed by the IDF during a heroic operation last Saturday. Avinatan is still in the hands of Hamas and his relatives have not heard from him since the video of his kidnapping.

The photo of the reunion between Ditsa and Noa was published by Rebbetzin Yemima Mizrahi, who accompanied it with the following comment:

”This moving photo was sent to me by an extraordinary woman, Ditsa Or, the mother of hostage Avinatan. She finally found Noa Argamani, Avinatan’s companion, who was kidnapped with her and who continued to encourage her, while being brutally pushed by the terrorists. Since Noa was released, my students keep asking me: “How is Ditsa?”. Well, Ditsa is… a light (translation of Or, his last name, in Hebrew, editor’s note). Throughout this year we have said that we are a fractured society, which cannot get along, which only unites around disasters, well no. Here is a woman who rejoiced fully, with full and authentic joy, at the liberation of the captive. Ditsa feels that something in her has been released, a part of him, of Avinatan has also been released this week. We have a great people. What a mother full of light”.



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