Addressing obligation, reinforced “My Psychological Support”, increase in the price of gas: what changes from June 1st

Addressing obligation, reinforced “My Psychological Support”, increase in the price of gas: what changes from June 1st
Addressing obligation, reinforced “My Psychological Support”, increase in the price of gas: what changes from June 1st

From June 1, it will be easier to obtain antibiotics for cystitis in a pharmacy and the “My Psych Support” system will be strengthened. France Bleu summarizes everything that changes in June.

Entry into force of the addressing obligation

New street names, no more localities, numbers on the houses: l‘addressing obligation for municipalities with less than 2,000 inhabitants comes into force this Saturday, June 1. Adopted in February 2022, the 3DS law requires each municipal council to assign a name to public roads, private roads open to traffic, as well as places, and to number each house.

This measure should make it easier for delivery men, postmen and even emergency services, sometimes lost in hamlets, faced with houses without numbers and who cannot count on the help of GPS. If the measure is mandatory, no sanctions are provided if town halls do not comply. On the other hand, if the firefighters arrive too late to rescue a person, because they get lost in a certain area, the mayor can be sued.

Simplification of medical procedures

Certain medical procedures are simplified starting this Saturday. Pharmacists will be able to dispense, without a prescription, antibiotics for tonsillitis and cystitis, in particular to relieve congestion in doctors’ offices. Opticians will also be able to adjust the correction of the glasses if it does not correspond at the time of the test.

The reinforced “My Psychological Support” system

The executive also strengthens its “My Psy Support” system, which allows reimbursement by health insurance for sessions with a psychologist. The amount of the reimbursed consultation increases from 30 to 50 euros, with now 12 consultations per year with direct access and therefore without going through a doctor.

Today, apart from a few specialties – pediatricians, gynecologists or ophthalmologists – patients are supposed to be referred by their attending physician as part of the “Care course”, otherwise they are less well reimbursed. With this new formula, the government hopes to triple the number of psychologists participating in the system, to further improve the accessibility of French people to psychological care.

The price of gas increases

From June 1, the price of gas will increase. It is the variable part including tax which will change by 2€/MWh compared to the month of May. Concretely, this increase corresponds to an increase in the average benchmark price excluding tax of 2.3%, going from €75.96/MWh to €77.62/MWh, and an increase in the average benchmark price including tax of 1.8%, passing from €111.19/MWh to €113.19/MWh.

Toulouse switches to seasonal water pricing

Toulouse and 36 neighboring municipalities are adopting a new water rate from June 1st. This price will be more expensive during the summer period to encourage to save resources, and lower the rest of the year. This is a first for a major French metropolis. The price of a cubic meter of water increases by 42% then will fall by 30% over the remaining seven months, from November 1 to May 30.

The Pass’Sport already usable

THE “Pass’Sport”, aid of 50 euros for sports club registration for young people from low-income families, is available from June 1, instead of September since its launch in 2021. Eligible young people must receive a QR Code which will be used by clubs, associations or sports halls to validate the beneficiary’s reduction. In total, 84,000 structures are partners in the operation, specifies the Ministry of Sports and the Olympic and Paralympic Games.



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