Will the price of gasoline start to rise again in June? Here are the not very reassuring predictions of a specialist

A specialist predicts a further increase in fuel prices. Bad news for road users.

Will prices at the pump increase again in June?

For specialist Anne-Sophie Alsif, there is no doubt about this and this increase would be a direct consequence of the conflict in Ukraine. But not only.

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Fuel prices are expected to rise again in June

Invited on the set of TF1, the person responsible for the accounting firm BDO France, predicted an imminent rise in fuel prices, even though they had been falling significantly for almost two months.

Hardly optimistic forecasts for motorists, who have already paid a heavy price.

Anne-Sophie Alsif explains this probable increase by the fact that distributors “osuffered a sharp increase in prices after the Ukrainian crisis “. The latter could therefore “ rebuild their margins this year and next year ”, which would de facto lead to an increase in service stations.

The reduction in prices at the pump, observed recently, is therefore not expected to last, because this current reduction “ is not necessarily proportional to what we can see on the international market », specifies Anne-Sophie Alsif.

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The latter also predicts an increase in demand for gasoline from the end of June. A phenomenon which can be explained by the numerous departures on vacation, observed in France and in Europe.

As a reminder, the price of unleaded 95 is currently at 1.8816 euros per liter on average in the country, while SP98 is at 1.9443 €/L. As for diesel, it is currently at an average price of €1.6985/L, its lowest price of the year, according to data transmitted by the Ministry of Ecological Transition.



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