The potato celebrates its first international day

The potato celebrates its first international day
The potato celebrates its first international day

Rue de Varenne, Ministry of Agriculture. Marc Fesneau, Minister of Agriculture, Agnès Pannier-Runacher his delegate and Joanny Dussurgey, the brand new president of the CNIPT, are gathered to celebrate a special day. That of the potato, “and if time permits, Mr. Fesneau will even plant potatoes in the Ministry garden!” rejoices Joanny Dussurgey.

An international day which is the result of long-term work for all stakeholders in the potato sector around the world, in particular the Peruvian government, one of the birthplaces of the tuber which has been working on the subject since 2021. A day which aims to celebrate a product 8000 years old (and with 5000 varieties) “which has the most nutritional virtues and which uses the least natural resources”summarizes Florence Rossillion, general director of CNIPT, the inter-professional association for potato producers in France.

3rd most consumed food in the world

During this international day, conferences will take place all over the world (organized by the different inter-profession countries), but also events in honor of this “humble tuber that has become essential”, as described by the new president of the inter-profession. A product that represents above all “an issue of food sovereignty since the potato is the 3rd most consumed food in the world”, adds the Minister. As the new CNIPT communication campaign chants, “The potato is the base.”

Some key figures on the Total potato production:

  • + 6.8 M tonnes in 2023 (this is + 12.7% vs 2022).
  • Final yield: 43.3 T/ha
  • The French consume 50 kg of potatoes per year (including 19.4 kg fresh)
  • 10.1%: current inflation on potatoes

Source CNIPT

Potatoes tick a large majority of the boxes desired by consumers, such as naturalness, health and proximity. In terms of practicality and modernity, the CNIPT has been working for a long time on solutions such as packaging and recipes to facilitate the preparation of the tuber. Work which earned them a prize this year at the International Agricultural Show, for the educational methods of their good agricultural practices.

The Minister for Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, Agnès Pannier-Runacher, also welcomes the challenges ahead for this sector, particularly with the construction of three new factories in Hauts de France. “As well as the McCain company in particular, which believes in the future of French potatoes and which has also invested 350 million euros in it this year. adds the minister.



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