what is the “omega blockage” phenomenon?

what is the “omega blockage” phenomenon?
what is the “omega blockage” phenomenon?

LThe good days are long overdue. Since the start of spring, the weather has been gloomy, even gloomy, in France, with gray skies regularly accompanied by heavy rain. The cause is a common meteorological phenomenon, that of “omega blockage”. Concretely, when we look at a weather map, the last letter of the Greek alphabet, Ω, is drawn.

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Depending on where it is located, this phenomenon can give mild conditions, particularly at the level of the “o” of the omega which corresponds to an anticyclone, a zone of high pressure, which can be accompanied by a wave of heat. While the “feet” of the omega are two low pressure zones, called “cold drops”, which are thus responsible for the rain. These can be supplied with cold air.

A phenomenon which “can continue for several weeks”

According to Météo-France, the weather has been unstable since May 12 with the arrival of a “cold drop” from the Atlantic. France has been since “csandwiched between two very stable anticyclonic air masses in a so-called omega blocking situation.. “The cold air at altitude [goutte froide, NDLR] over France is thus contained by a zone of high pressures to the west which stretches from the Azores to Ireland and another anticyclone located over Central Europe to the east,” he explains.

READ ALSO Lake Geneva is warming much faster than the oceans “This configuration is very resilient and can be maintained for several weeks,” warns Météo-France. You will therefore have to be patient and wait for this “cold drop” to move to find the sun and seasonal temperatures. According to forecasts, the sky will remain gray and rainy over most of France this weekend.



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