Pass’Sport allowance, gas price, access to care… What changes on June 1, 2024

Pass’Sport allowance, gas price, access to care… What changes on June 1, 2024
Pass’Sport allowance, gas price, access to care… What changes on June 1, 2024

Benchmark selling price of natural gas: increase of 1.8% over one month

A new increase is announced by the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE): the average benchmark price per kilowatt hour (kWh) of natural gas increases slightly in June (+1.8% including tax compared to May 2024), for cooking/hot water and heating type consumers. This benchmark price is published monthly and includes a subscription price and a price per kilowatt hour since the end of regulated natural gas sales prices.

This benchmark sales price had already increased by +1.4% including tax in May compared to April 2024. These increases can be explained is explained by a slight increase in wholesale market prices of natural gas, which had been falling since the end of 2023 » according to the CRE.

Launch of Pass’Sport 2024 from June

This year, Pass’Sport is available from 1er June 2024, instead of September since its launch in 2021. This is a back-to-school sports allowance, amounting to €50 per child, intended for young people aged 6 to 30under conditions, to finance all or part of registration in a sports structure by December 31, 2024.

Families eligible for Pass’Sport have received a QR Code by email and/or SMS, to be presented during registration. Those who have not received this code will be able to request it after 1er september by connecting to the Pass’Sport online portal.

This system is aimed at young people who benefit from the ARS (back-to-school allowance), the AEEH (education allowance for disabled children) or the AAH (allowance for disabled adults), a state scholarship for higher education, annual aid from the CROUS or a regional scholarship for health and social training for the academic year 2024 – 2025.

Extension of the My psychological support system

The device ” My psychological support” allows you to benefit from psychological support sessions, covered by Health Insurance, for anyone suffering from mental distress, from the age of 3. This must be sent to a psychologist partner of this system by their treating doctor.

From June 15, 2024, it will be possible to consult a psychologist directly without going through your doctor. Moreover, the reimbursement amount will increase from 30 to 50 euros per session, with coverage for up to 12 sessions instead of 8.

Access to care: simplification of medical procedures

From 1er June 2024, access to certain treatments and medical equipment will be possible directly without prior consultation with a doctor.

Pharmacists will be able to directly deliver antibiotic prescriptions for the treatment of tonsillitis and cystitis.

Opticians will be able to adjust the correction of glasses, without new prescriptionunder conditions.

Sick and maternity leave: new calculation of daily allowances

The employee’s daily sickness benefits are equal to 50% of the basic daily salary. The latter is established on the basis of salaries received during the last 3 months before stopping work.

In the event of an incomplete reference period (work interruptions or start of activity during these 3 months), a new method of calculating IJ is applied, to neutralize these interruptions. The income received during these 3 months will be divided by the number of calendar days of the period worked.

These new rules apply to work stoppages prescribed from 1er June 2024. This calculation method was to come into force in October 2022, but was delayed to allow the adaptation of the Health Insurance computer system.

Change of address for nearly 2 million French people

At 1er June 2024, all routes open to traffic (roads, streets, private lanes, etc.) must have a name and all homes, businesses and others must have a number. This obligation, established by the law “differentiation, decentralization, deconcentration and simplification” (known as law 3 DS) of February 21, 2022, must facilitate the installation of optical fiber, deliveries and emergency intervention in particular. It is the municipal councils which made these designations. At the end of 2023, around 1.8 million French people were affectedin 20,000 municipalities with less than 2,000 inhabitants. They have the obligation to change their addressfor administrative modification, with administrations (tax service, Social Security, France Travail, etc.) and private organizations (energy and telephone suppliers, banks, insurance companies, employers, etc.).

Last dates for declaring your income online

The online income declaration period for 2023 has been open since April 11. Due dates vary depending on the department of residence. If the declaration deadline has already passed for departments 1 to 19, for the other departments, the deadlines are:

Thursday May 30 11:59 p.m.: departments 20 to 54

Thursday June 6 11:59 p.m.: departments 55 to 976.



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