Has Europe lost Georgia?

Has Europe lost Georgia?
Has Europe lost Georgia?

Published on May 30, 2024 at 08:42. / Modified on May 30, 2024 at 2:21 p.m.

“Russians!”, “slaves!”, shouted the Georgian crowd to the deputies shortly after the final adoption on Tuesday of the law on “foreign influence”, which could move the country away from its European integration in favor of closer ties with Russia. From now on, Georgian NGOs receiving more than 20% of their funding from abroad will have to register as an “organization pursuing the interests of a foreign power” and submit to strict administrative control. On Wednesday, more than 200 organizations announced that they would refuse to submit to this “Russian law”. “It will not work in our country and will remain a blank sheet of paper that no one will obey,” they say in a joint statement.

Because although the country obtained EU candidate status in December 2023 and Georgian Dream, the party in power since 2012, officially supports the objective enshrined in the article the Constitution to do everything to ensure integration Euro-Atlantic of Georgia, he increased the measures bringing Tbilisi closer to Moscow, whose troops still occupy 20% of Georgian territory. And Russia is not left out: the country is using various means to keep the former Caucasian Soviet Republic within its fold.

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